The election is over and music is still horrible. My wife just scolded my daughter on singing along with one of the new Lil Wayne songs on the radio. You know what… she was right in doing so.

While we were driving from picking up some groceries from the local grocery store, (YOU KNOW I WAS HAPPY), my 15 year old daughter was singing along to a new Lil Wayne song entitled, “No Worries”.

Oh did I happen to mention that my 4 year-old daughter was in the car?

If you are a parent you should be worried about the radio versions of all of these songs. The edits are horrible. Clear Channel might as well let the songs play without edits. Here are the lyrics to the Lil Wayne Song:

You can look me in my face (I ain’t got no worries) [x3]
See the sh-rooms keep me up (I ain’t got no worries) [x3]
You see money right there, yeah that’s Tunechi right there (turn up)
Yeah that’s Mack Maine right there, and we ain’t got no worries
You see p_ _ _ y right there redbone mangos right there
See them sh-roomies right there we ain’t got no worries

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Tunechi in this b, e’rybody should be worried
Them p_ _ _ y ni_ _a be purring, bitches be digging me I feel buried
And if she make this d hard, she woke up a sleeping giant
Man your b speak in tongues every time we speak in private
Hope your barber shop open cause we got hair triggers
Smoke so much that Smokey the Bear, have to bear with us
And that Jeep with the doors off that means that b sleep
All these b think they’re the sh, I sent them up shits creek
You see Tunechi right here, give me brain ideas
It’s ok if you turn up just don’t turn off my light years
All I know is I do it what I’m smoking I grew it
These are Blood gang Piru, all rats gotta die even Stewart
On my private jet is my stewardess is your b nig, b Nig
I know gold-diggers and ditch-diggers
You don’t get dissed, you get disfigured
She sorry I didn’t shave so that p_ _ _ y is a little furry
I put that p_ _ _ y in my face I ain’t got no worries


I used to get in trouble for saying what the abbreviation for ADIDAS meant.

But now…

My 4 year-old daughter listens to the radio and hears all of this nonsense. She idolizes her 15 year old big sister. Her sister says that her favorite rapper is Lil Wayne.

So guess who my 4 year-old daughters favorite rapper is; Lil Wayne!

My 4 year-old picks up stuff like you wouldn’t believe. She called Mitt Romney a liar, loves Internet sensations, Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson, as well as sings to the 5 Guy spinoff song, Dayum, Dayum, Dayum. To say that she is impressionable by what she sees and hears on the television and radio is an understatement. Yes, we try and keep her listening and viewing contained to Nickelodeon, PBS, and Disney, but sometimes you can’t help what kids see and hear.

That brings me back to this Lil Wayne character. First and foremost, “YOU ARE NOT NOR WILL YOU EVER BE THE BEST, GREATEST, OR SHOULD YOU EVER BE MENTIONED AS SUCH”. Your lyrics are way to offensive and have no societal value whatsoever.

You have no, “Stop the Violence Movement”, as KRS-ONE did. It won’t take, “A NATION OF MILLIONS TO HOLD YOU BACK” as it did with Public Enemy. Finally you will never “FINESSE MAHAGONY” as Rakim Did.

By the way the reason it won’t take, “A NATION OF MILLIONS TO HOLD YOU BACK”, is because Y O U are holding a NATION OF MILLIONS BACK.

So what will be your claim to fame Lil Wayne?

Coming from a father of two beautiful girls who will become 2 strong black women your claim to fame from my perspective is that as of today Wednesday November 14, 2013 my daughters will never listen to your music again.

Society puts them down enough as being women. Lower pay then men receive, politicians telling them when, where, and how they can utilize their bodies. Add the fact that they are African American Women and they have to walk out the door every morning with 99 problems… (And Mitt aint One ☺)

Lil Wayne, your misogynistic lyrics, your disdain for the LGBT communities, and your frequent promotion of drug use has landed you in the blog of shame today.

You may be making Cash Money now.

Hold on to it.

Because for every Chuck D, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube, Ice T and KRS-One there are plenty of Mims, J-Kwon, Paper Boy, D4L, Baha Men, and Sporty Theives.

The best thing about a 4 year old is that she used to think that Yo Gabba Gabba was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

She will move on. Hell you will not be her favorite rapper after I get her some Ice Cream after her pre-school class is over today.

Thank God..,

Gotta love the youth with their short term memory.

What was I talking about again?


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  • Yea there was a time when I thought Gangsta Rap was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but then again when I was growing up it was either that or political talk that were the only things playing on the radio. But then I turned 18, went to college and my music tastes dramatically changed. I discovered Jazz, Blues, Classical, House, Electronica and developed a new appreciation for the classics.

    When your daughters grow up, I can guarantee you this, the same thing will happen to them.

  • When I graduated college rappers delight was out lo did I know the repercussions of rap we are a society of free thinkers which unfortunately spill over to our youth good or bad , the soluting lies with their caretakers (mind you I didnt say parent for not wanting to step on some toes) who can help them navigate the filth in societal waters so that they know when they hear a profane word or thought it has no meaning and is for shock/schlock value and wont add to their self-esteem at all.

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