The After Thanksgiving Thanks

There are many things that I am happy for during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons.
1) My mother still being alive with Stage 3 cancer.
2) My Existing Children
3) My wife’s pregnancy and future Child.
4) The fact that this country allows me to have a television show and write a blog that expresses my musical acumen.
5) Friends who allow you to make mistakes.
6) Obama
8) The Sons Of Anarchy
10) Ribs and Rib-lets of any kind with the right sauce and…

A country that allows anyone to create music in their homes, upload their creation to various digital distribution outlets and have their music placed in the universe for sale. It may sound like this is nothing to jump up and down about but in various countries government censorship is alive and well.

The last time we had a conversation I spoke about another form of censorship I.E. the failure of radio policing itself and allowing adult themed rhymes played over the air on the radio to any age group.

Well I decided to do something about it. As much as I have wanted to get the G.O.O.D music on the radio I just could not sell my soul and play what today’s radio demographic wanted. Finally I have found the outlet where I can mix live playing the music I want while hopefully giving the consumers the digital creativity that they have been lacking.

Introducing It allows DJ’s to stream their mix live from a party or event, or, mix live in their lab, or, upload a pre-recorded mix to the website and invite your fan-base to listen in.

Guess what that means people? I can play Little Brother, Common, MF DOOM, Peanut Butter Wolf, Yazerah, Dead Prez, Remy Shand, PPP or whoever I want. As my man in the Wire and recently in Cedar Rapids would say…SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

You can check out my lunch mix this and every Tuesday 12:00 noon C.S.T at

I think this will change the schematic for DJ’s who exist outside the “Same old 10 Song platform” that antiquated radio forces down your throat.

Last week was the first week I did the mix and just from the debut I have added International listeners. Oh, Oh, Dwele get ready for people in Croatia to be banging,”Open Your Eyes”, or “The Truth”.

In a year I can see the Siberian Neo Soul Hip Hop Awards next year hosted by Toshi Kubota with the song of the year being , “Wu-Tang Style” by RZA featuring PSY.

Just my thoughts man.

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