The answer to the Urban Myth was easy… The problem was the question!

This weekend there was an Old School DEEP HOUSE SIU DJ reunion at the Urban Myth club in Chicago hosted by Boogie Deeps Daniel, “BYRD THE BANGER” Spencer. Along with Byrd the Banger was veteran Old School DJ’s, “DJ TERRY J”, “DJ SHELLAC”, “DJ CLAY”, “DJ CEL”, and yours truly, “DJ FINK”. Even Mike Perez and Reggie T made a stop through to show their support of this great evening.


The venue is literally a needle in the haystack and I hope it stays that way. Some of the best things in life are little hidden gems that only a few have the privilege of knowing about. Urban Myth reminds you of the early chitterling circuit clubs where you would walk in not expecting much and see, “Cab Calloway” step on stage to your surprise.

It is the type of venue where someone who was 35 and older could take their girlfriend, wife, or best friend, without worry of violence, and just come out to reminisce about what club they were in when they first heard, “Video Clash” by Lil Louis or “Dance” by Earth People.

The club has no fancy powder rooms, no upper level to view the crowd, no shiny suits, and no sagging. Just people who want to come in at 9pm and leave at 4Am and spend the entire time on the dance floor “Jacking Their Bodies”.

This club isn’t for the Lil Wayne lover. If you didn’t grow up listening to WBMX, WGCI, WKKC, WHPK, or don’t know who Pink House is (REST IN PEACE), then you probably would not enjoy the music that was played for 7 non stop hours without a pause.
I mean I heard everything from the, “Deputy of Love”, to, “Just as Long as I got You”. From KC and the Sunshine Bands, “I Get Lifted”, to Tortured Souls,”I Might Do Something Wrong”.

It had been such a long time since I had gone into a nightclub strictly to listen to the music. I forgot about what it felt like hearing a full night of music that I had no objections to. If all nightclubs had DJ’s who brought their A-game every night artists would have to step their game up and make better music. Everyone knows that if a DJ is competing with other DJ’s to see who has the better set there would be no time for bad music. That would eliminate half of the songs on the radio that artists are making which consumers are buying in artist name only instead of quality.


The slow arriving crowd was immediately given the treat of DJ Clay who started the night off letting everyone know that, “He was the most interesting man in the world”, and he drank Dos Equis. Of course as my memory served of listening to past DJ CLAY mixes the blends were on point and the remixes and accapella joints had the crowd mesmerized. I once again was peeping into the DJ booth trying get the name of the songs he was blending. I forgot I was in Chicago and thought I was in the Big Muddy awaiting a fight by men who would flex when they saw a fine women that they wanted to dance with.

After Clay ripped the 1’s and 2’s DJ Cel brought his computerized game on a laptop only and tore it up. I was skeptical when I saw that Cel only had a laptop. I didn’t know what to expect until I heard him ripping up the tracks. Cel came in the door fashionably late as only DJ Cel can do but when he got on the digital turntables I made my way up to the dance floor and had to bob and weave a bit to show that I could still move my bigger than Carbondale body to the sounds of some great house music.

Before DJ CEL was done Byrd the Banger gave me the DJ FINK you up next look. I admit I still get butterflies before DJing, Emceeing, or telling jokes and I felt the nerves. I was like I had some major anxiety going here or those 6 wings I just had are starting to want to dance as well.

FYI Urban Myth makes wings outside of the club on a grill. The owner himself was outside making some of the best wings I have ever tasted. They were seasoned to perfection and they were cooked at the proper temperature. Um Um Um. I could go on and on about those wings but I have to finish up about the event itself. (Those wings were off the chain. I would have asked for more when I went out back but I didn’t want to seem greedy. ☺ Like my belly didn’t give it away.

Damn. Hey BYRD, Send me some of those wings. I SHOLL AM HUNGRY.

Any who, as I proceeded into the DJ Booth sliding past DJ CEL to get my music and set in order, I glanced at all of the other DJ’s who were there to support each other. I remember when we were in school we didn’t hate each other but we sometimes allowed the competition to slide between the friendships that could have been better. It’s all good though because before I put the first record on I gave all of the other DJ’s the Black Man Head nod.

(You know what I’m talking about America you don’t just imagine that)

From my first blend to the last mix it felt so good to be playing Old School house music without any restraints to the songs, versions, or style of how I wanted to play it. While mixing and seeing the crowd dance to my expression of music I was reminded why I became a DJ and why Chicago House music was my entrée into the lifestyle.

I think I did ok.

After I finished DJ SHELAC got on stage and tore the roof off of the set followed by Byrd the Banger who brought the tracks that I could never find and some remixes of his own that I can’t wait to get loaded into my deck so that I can mix those songs as well.

The evening was wrapped up with DJ Terry J who is the man in the clubs now and showed us why with the hard to find singles and legendary tracks that only DJ Terry J provides. He tore it up. I left early because it was getting close to 4AM and I am 43 now and my bedtime was up 4 hours ago.

If you love house music and are looking for a safe place to hang out with your friends check out the Urban Myth and find out if it is true.

Get the wings….

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