Please be a publicity stunt American Idol.

When I last wrote the blog I spoke of our need to help stop celebrity beefs whether it’s fighting at the BET Hip Hop Awards, fighting at the Source Music Awards or Bootney Farnsworth and Fortieth Street Black fighting at the new 5 Guys hamburger joint.

(Oh my goodness oh my damn oh my goodness they going ham…. Dayum Dayum Dayum.

Leave it up to American Idol to get my bubbles boiling. I thought I was watching a You-Tube spoof when I saw Nikki Minaj talking smack to Mariah Carey. Then my wife, who is a huge Mariah Carey fan, told me that they were for real.


Nikki I don’t care what Mariah Carey said to anyone on American Idol. Mariah can say and coach whomever she wants to. She has the credentials.

1) Her first CD she made was Multi-platinum
2) Her first CD had four number one singles.
3) She is Columbia Records Highest Selling Act.
4) Longest Running Number One Song on the charts in United States History
5) Sold 200 million records worldwide.
6) 22 years of professionally selling music.

If Mariah wanted to Nikki, she could have the real urban edge to her music just like she did in the past. Remember Mariah had singles and sung hooks for, the Notorious B.I.G, Mase, Ole Dirty Bastard and many others. Furthermore Mariah was nice to me at several award shows at the time when she was the biggest act in the world.

This is the sad case of hot right now, not respecting the always hot. This is a case of today’s youth not respecting their elders. A case of the light skinned pot calling the lighter skinned pot black. In any event…you wrong Nikki. YOU WRONG!

I may not subscribe to your music Nikki Minaj but you are very talented. You have a strong fan base and your music has crossed genre lines. Why not rest on those accomplishments. You have created a brand that the full color spectrums of girls are attracted to. And lets just say your “gluteus maximus” fills out the rest of your demographic base (literally and figuratively) adding the young men between the ages of 18-42. (I am 43 and my wife reads this blog.)

You are at the height of the female rap game right now. Enjoy it. Let’s all enjoy it. (Pause). Ok the reign at the top will be tested soon as we are awaiting CD’s from EVE, DA BRAT, LATIFAH, LYTE and hmmmn… oh yes, Mariah. I think her CD will have a little edge to it now. Don’t you?

The bigger picture here is that American Idol will do anything for ratings include pit the number one selling solo female artist of our time against today’s hot right now artist just to bring back the viewers who have left.

Newsflash American Idol; your viewers didn’t leave because there was not enough controversy. Your viewers left because you had a guy win who looked like he was 50 years old, two of the same exact guys who played acoustic guitar win back to back and country singer Scotty McCreery. I didn’t mean to disrespect the guys who won but I just couldn’t remember their names. THAT SAYS IT ALL.

Speaking of Scotty McCreery, “YOU BETTER LOCK THEM DOORS” American Idol because viewers are watching, “THE VOICE”, “THE X FACTOR” and “TASTEMAKER TELEVISION NETWORKS CLUBBINTV ☺”.

Kelly Clarkson, Reuben Studdard, Fantasia, Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson were and still are all Superstars. They could sing. They didn’t need hidden Judge agendas to get promoted or saved. The audience new what talent is, and was, and voted in winners.

American Idol if you want viewers back do not allow Nikki Minaj to disrespect her elders. Make the American public respect your show.

Have on real talent and we will return to watch this season.

P.S. If you really want a huge following bring back Jack Bauer and 24 after American Idol.

Just my thoughts man.


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  • The problem with Niki is that her brain freezed when she was freezed in a Pepsi commercial.

    However, the only real publicity stunt would be to be the next William Hung. Contestants going psycho over Simon doesn't work now that Simon isn't there.

    As for the quality of music, it appears that all Idol wants is 20 something balladeers.

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