Music can be used to help Autistic children overcome their impaired social interaction and communication skills. Case in point my man, “50 TYSON”.

I first became aware of 50 TYSON about 2 years ago. He was the original viral video star. A humble kid from the twin cities who was a rapper that happened to also be autistic.

Notice I did not say suffers from Autism.

Watch one of his latest videos:

50 Tyson turned what many people would call a set back into a set off and launched his career as a rapper. His You Tube video, “I Ain’t Gonna Lie” got 12 million hits in 3 days. His freestyles and subsequent spoof of his videos turned this loveable young kid into another Minnesota rapper who got launched into the mainstream like Brother Ali or Atmosphere.

50 Tyson’s videos have been viewed and spoofed by many people including Kevin Hart. FYI, Kevin Hart’s impersonation of 50 Tyson also became a huge viral video. Of course 50 TYSON responded to Kevin Hart with a funny reply at Walmart.

His management team is genius and creating the clothing lines and other items that share their profits with various Autism related charities shows the love and attention that Hip Hop can bring to communities in need. Starting the website augments the need for mainstreaming the understanding of the disease and allows for volunteers from all walks of life to help those with Autism.

Why 50 TYSON? Antonio Henderson Davis, aka 50 TYSON, would have never received this opportunity on a regular record label or acquired a deal in the climate of today’s pay for play music industry. The advent of social media, fused with independent promotion and the luck of video virality (HA HA I MADE UP A NEW WORD), allowed for 50 TYSON and others like him to become stars.

Yet and still it takes a visionary to even realize that signing 50 TYSON would help a record label. Enter Troy E. Hudson and Hudson Enterprises, Inc. As I stated earlier I met 50 Tyson about 2 years ago at the Mall of America. There was no fancy interview set up I was there to visit my mother, who has stage 3 cancer. That’s it. 50 TYSON and his crew were standing outside selling 50 TYSON apparel. My children put me on to 50 Tyson and I had literally just watched his video. After watching the, video, you know me, I just walked over to 50 TYSON, using the camera on my phone and did an impromptu interview. It was fun. Even got him to give me a drop.

At the time I did the interview I did not know that the C.E.O of the company was Troy Hudson that had played for the Minnesota Timberwolves. I did not know that this was the same Troy Hudson that went to S.I.U and played for the Salukis. I did not know that this was the same Troy Hudson who I mentored at S.I.U. trying to help keep him out of trouble while he hung out with Kerry, my boy Will and my home slice Moe as he carried my records into parties that I Dj’d during my time at S.I.U. (Kerry used to be mad because at the time Troy Hudson was in 8th grade droppin 3’s on everybody including Kerry all who were much older. We knew Troy was special)

Troy introduced me to the community of Carbondale and not just the college setting of S.I.U. Yes I DJ’d many of the school events. I also did some of the Carbondale community events at the Youth Center a place where Troy Hudson hung.

There is really only six degrees of separation people.

TROY HIT ME UP BROTHER let’s catch up. (…

Anyone can become an Internet Star

Gangnam Style, She Ratchet, Girl punched on the bus, Charlie that Hurts, Dayum, Dayum, Dayum, and other internet sensations are getting more views, votes and downloads than Lady Gaga, Madonna, or I hate to say, the Presidential Debates.

Justin Bieber and Soldier Boy are two of the biggest sellers of digital downloads ever. They were only signed to label deals because of their huge Internet fan following and views on You-Tube.

This was not the plan of the record industry as they sold off labels and merged existing companies into two or three gigantic multinational conglomerates. They thought that turning every artists contract into a 360 deal would have them eating off of their workers for the rest of the artists lives.

When the labels saw the profits of this scheme the industry passed this model on to the Television and Film Industry and the entertainment industry thought that the stronghold of 6 billionaires owning 75% of all Television, Music, and Film companies would continue to allow them to dictate what you saw or heard in all mediums.

Thank you Internet for allowing anyone to set up their own webpage, sell music, films, television concepts and anything else we can create on our own to our family, friends and fan-bases. I would not have this blog if I had to rely on the old school journalism structure of newspaper column writing. Yet and still Chicago Now put their faith in a brother. Thanks Chicago Now.

There is no guaranteed path to success. You just have to take your chance and put your brand into the ether. If you build it they will come.

All you need is creativity, a hard work ethic, and a computer. The home user software has now matched the versions that the studios are using. Anyone can become the next Steven Spielberg, Justin Bieber or Soldier Boy.

And if you are born with Autism or any other ailment that society deems will hold you down don’t let it.

You can become the next 50 TYSON.

And if you haven’t heard “50 TYSON IS BACK”.

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