Television is now helping the unsigned artist with playing and listing music during the show. A novel idea.

After a needed two weeks off to help promote live music events we have returned to help get back to real music. A lot has happened since our last column. Prince has announced his residency at the United Center. Dwele’s new CD is picking up steam. The Pet Shop Boys dropped another CD, and Jax Teller is heading up Samcro on the new season of, “Sons Of Anarchy”.

The debut of Sons of Anarchy was not mentioned because it is one of my favorite shows, but was mentioned because it is one of the many television shows now introducing new music to the consumers. Once these shows introduce new music they then list the song title and artist after the show airs allowing the viewer to immediately download the music from the show and/or place on their wish list.

I first noticed this trend years ago while watching a show called, “Being Human”, on the SYFY channel. Although other shows may have already instituted the Shazam app, Being Human brought it to my attention.

Shazam, for many of you who may not be instep with the latest and greatest, is one of the leading media discovery services letting users identify the name of a song or artists that is playing on the radio or TV simply by activating the app on the Smartphone.

I have spent the last 20 or so weeks preaching to you in this blog that everything was better that involved music back in the day. Well today is the day that I will credit technology as making something that is actually better today than it was yesterday.


I must be getting sick, catching a cold, or assimilating… No seriously this is a technology that I could have used 20 years ago while watching shows like, New York Undercover, Soul Train, American Bandstand, Dance Fever, Solid Gold, and all other shows that would tell you the name of the main song playing but disregarded to tell you who the composer or artists was for the back ground music.

Speaking of New York Undercover Malik Yoba, who is one of the stars of another show that I watch, “Alphas”, is in talks and negotiations to try and bring New York Undercover to the Big Screen. Can you imagine what that would look like today? Seeing Malik Yoba with a toothpick in his mouth chasing bad guys getting G out of trouble all while Eddie is running his dads old bar and dancing. The thought of that even has me saying, “ Hey Yo.. My Man”.

Another one of today’s television networks that are pushing the music that you hear on television is MTV. The network that used to be the leader in Music Videos has found a way to step back up to the plate and provide original programming with new unreleased music.

While watching another one of my favorite shows, “Teen Wolf” I was introduced this season to a plethora (Drinking Game) of new music that we will never hear on the radio. That is how and why MTV broke down the color barriers during the 80’s and 90’s introducing generations to Hip-Hop whether you lived in Brooklyn New York or Brooklyn Iowa.

Even in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (Drinking Game) they list the songs that were played in the show at the end of the episode describing the artists etc.

Shazam and the other digital music marking programs are giving us positive signs of the future that other technologies are willing to work hand in hand with other mediums to help the content of the future.

Radio failed in their handling of music and the future of music years ago. The un-acceptance of the digital transition placed the nails in the coffin of the Radio medium…

Radio is dying. Not because of its repetition of the 10 same songs, but because of their fight not to work with the advancing technology to expand the music. Sure Radio now offers its brand on the Internet but it is nothing other than streaming what you hear on the physical station. If radio teamed more with programs like Shazam to give you the, who, what, where, when, how and why of the song, along with the option to purchase it immediately, the monopoly of over the air and payola would cease.

As I found out early in the fight to provide consumers the opportunity of free and discounted entertainment, if you step on the toes of the big guys, there will be consequences and repercussions.

Making money is the only things that matter to some.

That statement is sad.

I got into this game to help the unsigned musicians music and art reach the masses.

It is not about the arts anymore… Lesson learned.

Thank you again for allowing me to help bring back real music.

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