The best movie to music remembrance ratio. What the hell does FINK mean?

I love movies. I love movies almost as much as I love music. Sometimes a movie can be just ok, but, having a great soundtrack can raise your viewing experience of the movie and turn a thumbs down movie into a thumbs up movie.(Much love to Siskel and Ebert baby.)

Also, there have been many movies that were thumbs up rated movies and the soundtrack made it a 4 star must see movie. Now I’m not saying 4 stars as in, “A Beautiful Mind”, “Malcolm X” (Should have won an Oscar), or “The Usual Suspects”. I am talking about Cult Classics such as Friday, Cooley High, Saturday Night Fever, Shaft, Superfly, Black Ceaser-hell insert any 70’s Black Sploitation classic and you got a hell of a Soundtrack.(Particularly if James Brown, Quincy Jones, The Bee Gees, or Willie Hutch threw down on that joker.)

Now that we got the normal movie soundtrack winners out of the way there are movies that music in a particular scene made the movie a must watch flick. I mean a movie that whenever you see it on cable you have to wait until that music scene happens before you turn the channel or finish doing what you were doing. Sometimes that part is so good in the movie you may sit and watch the entire film just from the anticipation of your favorite part. Let’s delve into some movies that contain these exact examples in the eyes of your hungry blogger. And I mean I am starving right now.

First and foremost I have to start with the movie Training Day with Denzel Washington.

This movie has so many great scenes without music in it I want to speak on a few before I give you the best music in movie scene.

The quotes in this movie are ridiculous.

“You M----- will be playing basketball in Pelican Bay when I get finished with you. Shoe program ----.”

“How you want it, dawg? Closed casket? Remember that fool in the wheelchair? How you think he got there?”

Ok ok. I have to stop before I quote that whole movie.

But the scene that everyone remembers that contains arguably the greatest movie to music remembrance ratio is contained in the following dialogue.

Denzel, “Hey grab that menu off that window for me alright”
Denzel, “Get in its unlocked” (laughter), “Just throw that in the glove box”
Ethan Hawke, “This car is not from the motor pool”
Denzel, “It’s not. But its sexy isn’t it?
Ethan Hawke, “ So where is the office is it back at division?”
Denzel, “You in the office baby”. Then you hear the Doctor Dre song, “Still D.R.E.”

Now I am not saying that Training Day would have not been a success if that scene wasn’t accompanied by the DR DRE song but it sure made you want a Monte Carlo after the move to raise up on them fools, lean back, and drive through your hood.

My second most famous music in movie scene is from the movie, “Belly”. The intro to the movie, “Belly” with its black and purple dark lighting, the slow motion sequence, and the use of the Soul II Soul song, “Back To Life” as an Accapella sets this movies opening scene apart from all. I think the movie, “Belly”, is an underrated movie on many levels. First, the message to the black youth that you have many choices in life and not all of the choices are yours to make is a huge statement. Secondly I think Hype Williams created a visual masterpiece when he shot this movie, but, it was deemed a hip-hop movie only and proper credit was not given.

There are many other movies that have that same effect on me with the use of music in scenes and here they are without any order.

CB4- “King of Rock by Run”-DMC
Car Wash- “I Wanna get next to you” by Rose Royce
Grease- “You’re the One That I Want”- sung by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John
Menace to Society-“Honey Love”- R Kelly featuring Public Announcement
Ferris Bueller-“Oh Yeah” Yello
Less Than Zero-“Going Back to Cali” LL Cool J
Beverly Hills Cop-“Axel F” Harold Faltermeyer

Finally the movie, “Without A Paddle”. When Seth Green, Dax Sheppard, and Mathew Lillard have no clothes on and its raining and freezing outside they decide to get together and warm up. When they finally make the decision to snuggle up by looking at each other you hear R Kelly say, “ My minds telling me know”. Then they play the song, “Bump and Grind” while the three men are snuggled in close. This scene is hilarious. Here is a clip from You Tube.

I know every week I have a different slant on why music plays such a key role in all of our lives. It is our duty to keep asking our artists to make a better quality of music so that we can have memorable moments to share with ourselves, our children or our future generations. Life is short. We learn that everyday. We can’t take everything so serious. So give us some good music to ease the struggles of the day. We will pay $30.00 if a CD is banging. Trust me.

You can have fun this weekend by getting your family and friends into a 1979 Monte Carlo and reenact the scene from Training Day.

And while you all are driving bumping, “Still D.R.E” in your neighborhood and someone gives you a mean look. Stop the car, get on top of the roof of the car and scream out, King Kong aint got nuthin on me.


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