Saving R&B Music. Not just a goal but an event featuring one of the Most Underrated Artists.

There are many great R&B singers. A blog is not long enough to mention them all. Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, Donny Hathaway, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan, Melba Moore, Phyllis Hyman, Michael McDonaldThere is a problem in R&B. Most of our great R&B singers are from generations past. (Don’t hate. You know you were taken it to the streets).

Today when I speak about R&B it is hard to get really happy about it because most of the R&B singers aren’t really singing about true love. They are singing about right now. Tonight. Let’s make it happen. Or the street slogan that I hate, “Let’s Get It In” YUUUUUUUCK!

There are very few big voice DIVA’s left in today’s music. I’m talking about breaking wine glasses, feeling your heart vibrate, making you cry and making you share the emotional rollercoaster that the singer is on.(Vivian Green)

So imagine when I saw the television show R&B Diva’s.

At first I was like ok another show that will give me the catch phrase for the summer. (I wanted to put them paws on you!) Or somebody says something stupid enough to give Stevie J a reason to make that crazy circular mouth that makes my wife turn the show off. (This is my bus). Or waiting for Shawnie to headbutt Evelyn. I’m sorry, its not funny, but the words of Florida Evans come to mind, Damn, Damn, Damn….(By the way if you haven’t seen the 5 Guys review by a guy who looks like Bookman from Goodtimes doing the best Damn, Damn, Damn you have ever seen take a look.

Let’s get back to the R&B music.

R&B is dying a slow death because most of the new schoolers are rushing through songs. Where do you have to be right now that you can’t take your time with the woman or man you are singing this song to?

C’mon son.

I have to give TV One accolades on even putting together a show for the R&B stalker like me. The show features Monifah, Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Keke Palmer and Syleena Johnson. We liked the show so much that we had to grab Syleena Johnson and others to head up the Saving R&B Music Concert that is taking place at Foss Park in the City of North Chicago on September 9 from 12PM-8Pm. All I will say about the event is that if you love R&B music and want to hear it with a live band mixed with some comedians, you will want to get your tickets today at

That is my personal plug and I approved this message. Unlike Clint Eastwood.. Damn, Damn, Damn, Clint.

All of the R&B Diva ladies had pure cuts in the late 80’s and early 90’s. And all of them have big voices. I love Faith Evans. I met her when she was married to the Notorious B.I.G back stage at the Source Music Awards. She has always been very kind. You know when you hear, “Love Like This “ on the dance floor you be shakin that behind.

Nicci Gilbert was in Brownstone and they were a group way ahead of their time. They should be together and out right now.

Keke Wyatt could sing a slow song. She leads with her emotion and ties you up. Man…

Monifah till this day has one of the greatest singles ever put out in R&B entitled, “I Miss You, Come Back Home featuring Heavy D on the Rap.” That song reminds me of watching New York Under Cover. (It’s a shame that New York Undercover plays better songs on the TV show than the radio does today.)

Finally Syleena Johnson. We choose her to rock the Saving R&B music event strictly because of her voice. She has the big voice and her style is a direct link to the past R&B singers. Her being from Chicago conjures up Chess Records and the types of artists that they choose to sign. Back in the day it wasn’t about who made the track it was about whose vocals were on it.

You know that when Kanye chooses you to sing the hook and that hook becomes the banger of the song you can saaaannnng.

“Oh when it all, it all falls down, I'm telling you ohh, it all falls down”

Enough said.

Her CD Chapter 5 Underrated says it all. That someone with such a big voice has not taken over the R&B charts.

It’s not her fault.

It’s radio’s fault for their decision to choose marketing over talent and dollars over dimension.

If you do not believe me purchase her latest release now at

Or watch the R&B Divas show

Or get your tickets and come check out one of the R&B Diva’s as well as a plethora (my favorite word) of other R&B national acts.

Thank you for allowing me to help bring back some real music.

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