Nas Gives us the perfect CD. Tastemaker salutes Nasir Jones on, "Life Is Good"

Everyone reading this blog I want you to pause right now…….. Be very quiet….. Take a deep breath…… There has been a real hip-hop music release that has shaken the whack music scene to the core….. THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED. THE REVOLUTION IS HERE… Because ladies and gentlemen I have been slapped in the face by an unexpected rebirth and resurrection of the genius that the world knows as…. NAS.


I wanted to write about his latest release so bad last week but I decided to let the critics and the mainstream media put their reviews out in the universe first. I read a couple but none of the reviews spoke to me like the NAS release did. This was a perfect CD. None of the lyrics were wasted as one of the greatest poets of our time did what he was born to do; paint a picture in your mind of what lyrical scripture sounds like.

The title of his release, “Life Is Good”, should have let me know that Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones was not playing around.

The unwillingness of musicians to strive for perfection has created a music industry that agrees to accept offerings that were below our standard at one point in time as what is hot today.

That bar has again been raised by Nas.

In a decade full of nursery rhymes, fables, and make believe Nas doesn’t even allow you to sit down and get ready while starting the CD off with his up tempo, auto-biographical flow, of the intro track entitled, “NO INTRODUCTION”.

“Only a Few Will, This is how it sounds when you are too real they think its just music still. Well I am a graphic classic song composer. Music notes on sheets I wrote this piece to get closure.”

If I was on stage and holding a microphone I would have dropped it on the ground, crossed my arms, looked into the crowd and said, “WHAAAAAAAAAT”.

Already thought of as one of the greatest rappers of our time, Nas could have taken the easy road and went out and found some rappers that are hot in the hood or have been featured on other hot tracks just to sell the record. Nas could have found a super hot beat that everyone was rapping over to get heat on the radio. Nas could have done guest appearances on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta or came out with a NAS fragrance to sell on QVC while promoting this latest release.


There is also another reason that this CD hits the soul. Nas took an inner look at his failed marriage and used this CD as a release of the pain. Almost every song features a word, a sentence, statement or story about his failed marriage to the R&B singer Kelis. You can hear in his voice that NAS still loved Kelis and really wanted the marriage to work. In the emotionally charged song, “BYE, BABY” Nas releases his full divorce diary with an arsenal of reasons why the marriage didn’t work.

He also has a message to the men who turned their noses at Nas when he decided to take the plunge and get married.

“All I seen was selfish cowards, under they breath saying why did Nas trust her.
But look at yourself, speak louder brah, You live with your baby moms and scared to make an honest woman out of her
and make her your bride, fake pimps you ain’t even alive.
At least I can say I tried plus enjoyed the ride
Plus we got our little boy, my little joy and pride
He got my nose, my grill, your color, your eyes
Next go round I hope I pick the truest type and watch me do it all again
It’s a beautiful life, Aight.

There are other societal issues pertinent to the African American community that Nas addresses on this CD. I believe that the marriage issue was one that could be the centerpiece in helping the African American youth, violence in our communities and high unemployment.

Nas you continue to be a role model in the community and always have a way of putting the issues of the day ahead of fortune and fame.

There will be many that say Illmatic is your greatest work to date.

I believe that this CD release is the best.

Life is Good. I wish many others shared this belief.


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