Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. The Best 10 DJ’s I have ever seen spin live and what I learned from them.

Humility. That is what it was going to take if I had to write an article of the best 10 DJ’s I have ever seen spin live. The reason I had to be humble is because I could not mention myself.

Damn, Damn, Damn!

Before I start talking about the best 10 DJ’s I have ever seen spin live I must address the reason that music is at its lowest point.


Yes the reason that you can access music anywhere is the reason that you can access terrible music anywhere. Anyone can make music and subsequently anyone can become a DJ. I just saw that Paris Hilton has been added to the list of celebrity DJ’s. Not Cool. Paris Hilton; THAT’S NOT HOT!

Today’s DJ’s don’t have to know how to mix, don’t have vinyl, and worst of all, don’t have to know music history. 99% of the club DJ’s play the same 10 songs. I am not in the club but I guarantee that if you walked in to a club right now you would hear a mixture of the following artists, “LiL Wayne, Drake, Nikki Minaj.

Heck if you turn on the radio right now you will hear, “Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nikki Minaj. I’m not player hating against the artists I am just hating against a system that has taken away creativity from the Club and Radio DJ’s.

When we were coming up if the Club DJ played the same song more than once that night we were off the floor. Now the Club DJ plays, “I BEEZ IN DA TRAP” like it’s a newscast at 5, 6 and 10. I’m waiting for John Drury or Walter Jacobsen to introduce Niki Minaj’s song; right after they get the cat out of the tree in Evanston.

I hate to write story after story about how back in the day the music, the movies, the television shows, the fries, the burgers, the lemonheads, the jolly ranchers, the now and laters, the mouthwash et al were better than things from today. I even miss my Apple Slice. Remember Apple Slice? Heck Remember Slice?

Not to beat it into the ground I also believe that the DJ’s of yesteryear were and are better than today’s ROBO-DJ’s. To prove it I wanted to talk about the best 10 DJ’s I have ever seen spin live. They are in no particular order other than the memory of how I encountered them or the influence they had on me as a DJ.

First off I would like to talk about Steve ”Miggidy” Maestro. His story of getting into this list was first hand. We were having a party at the Lasalle Night Club in Chicago and before we set up the sound I stopped into the record store to pick up some of the latest jams. (Shout out to Thomas Newberry and James Stovall we thought we were running Studio 57). A young clean-shaven brother was working there helping other DJ’s find their music. After I checked out of the record store the brother told me he was a DJ and slipped me a tape. (For you ROBO-DJ’s a tape is something that DJ’s used to put their mixes on). This brother was so good we called him that day and told him to come down and open up for me. Well let’s just say that Steve”Miggidy” Maestro rocked the house so well that he ended up on WGCI as one of the baddest DJ’s ever. He still is today. I didn’t even DJ. ☹


Each of the aforementioned DJ’s taught me a lesson or made me change something about my style.

Farley taught me how to play music that you like and make the crowd feel it.

Lil Louis taught me that you can mix music without having a vocal singer and still have the dance floor in a trance as if they were singing their own individual songs.

Jam Master J taught me that as long as you command your audience you could walk into a club that was expecting to hear brand new hip hop and you could rock the house with no complaints by playing all 70’s funk. A DJ controls the crowd.

Bad Boy Bill taught me that I know nothing about scratching so don’t even try. Stay with what you know as a DJ and perfect that skill.

DJ CLAY taught me that if you just work hard enough and practice you can become one of the best DJ’s.

Green Lantern taught me that nothing is underground. If you blend or chop up the next song with fire people will believe they have heard it before and vibe to it.

Alan Bad Mixx Boyd taught me that there is more to DJing then mixing and scratching. It is also a business. You need to learn the business. He also is a hell of a DJ.


The best DJ I have ever seen live is literally from my hometown of North Chicago Illinois. His name is Carlton Jones. AKA the X. AKA Captain 2 Fresh.

I never knew that turntables could do what they do until I saw Captain 2 Fresh get down. Scratching, doubling, tripling. Picking a turntable up while scratching and mixing. Doing behind the back fader switches and things that make me sound too much like a geek to explain. If you ever get the chance to see the X AKA Captain 2 Fresh live, pay the fee and get your popcorn ready. What you see is not for the faint of heart nor the new out of the box DJ who never owned a pair of needles and or put their mix on a tape.

Just Google the brother. Here is a link for you to check him out doing what he does.

Hey 2 Fresh I heard about your Old School Reunion party on Friday at Club Eskape in Buffalo Grove but when is the next Party Mob 87 joint at the Youth Center on Lewis Avenue?

After the party we can go get some Jordy’s… Man I forgot they are out of business. Another blast from the past that is better then most of today’s hot dog stands.

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