We all agree that music makes you happy. It inspires you and can be mood changing. I have used music to soothe a bad break-up, spice up a dinner, and/or provide the backdrop of intimacy. Some people even say that music is a kind of religion.

I used to laugh off that statement until I became an adult. (Some may argue I will never become an adult) (Whatever…Your Momma)

Music has such a grab on ones soul that the effects of hearing your favorite song can produce a drug inducing mind-altering experience.

One of my favorite songs in the world is, “Drifting Along” by Jamiroquai. The song is so good that I really don’t even know what it is about. The beat and the rhythm are great and when you add JK’s high-pitched voice over the track the mixture is soul shifting. If you get a chance take a listen to this track with the bass up as loud as you can. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk7Xw5bWyqM

It is music like this that reminds me of the early times of African tribes and the way that they used music to do many things.

Most of today’s music is made to sell. When you are producing music just to increase sales you decrease the responsibility you have as an artists to consumers and to society.

I think that is why the violence around the world has seen an increase. Our audio preachers aren’t providing the harmonic scriptures that they used to do in the past.

When there was a war Marvin Gaye provided its soundtrack to ease the tensions. When there were riots over the Rodney King’s verdict in South Central LA, the Red Hot Chili Peppers provided the song, “Under the Bridge” to help calm the anger.

Today’s music is too confrontational. Not just man on man either. Some music is putting friend against friend, lover against lover, Brother against Sister and Father against Mother. You wonder why there are so many road rage incidents? Imagine listening to an Artists’ entire CD in your car encouraging hatred of other races, religions, creeds or sexual preferences. Then, imagine one of the aforementioned individuals cutting you off while you are driving? How do you think you were just programmed to react?

Music should be an inspiration. When you are in your mothers belly parents are encouraged to play music to their children. When you get married there are musical tributes to the bride and groom. When you die there is music performed at the funeral. All times, good and bad, in our lives are accompanied by music. We have to take a stand and expect more from the artists that have so many opportunities to influence our inner soul.

Many blame the radio but if the artists made quality there would only be good music to choose from.

Music inspires me. My life has had many ups and downs. Mostly ups. My father passed away from cancer in March of 2002. My Mother was diagnosed with cancer last year and is fighting it tooth and nail like the African Queen she is.

I have had many successes in being a small business owner and have had many failures. The three things that have kept me going are my faith, my family and my music.

Music is all about SOUL.

The soul of the music and the Soul that the music affects.

Music is therapeutic.

Thanks for allowing me to reset my Soul.

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