"Donald Glover" aka "Troy Barnes" aka "Childish Gambino" aka, "The New Hollywood Triple Threat".

There is nothing childish about Donald Glover, aka Donald McKinley Glover one of the former writers on the show, “30 Rock”, or aka Troy Barnes the funny dude on the NBC comedy series, “Community”. Today however we will refer to Donald Glover as, “Childish Gambino” his unique rap alter ego.

We love a hip-hop performer who has an extensive understanding of the Kings English and can exhibit the use of his lyrics like a thesaurus.

There are many individuals in the hip hop game who can also demonstrate their sesquipedalianesque command of the English language while still keeping the message on point with today’s target audience.

Just to name a few….


Phonte, Jadakiss, Common, Kanye, Ludacris, Pusha T, Rapper Big Pooh, Rashid Hadee, Rhymefest, Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Raekwon, Rza, Red Man, Ice Cube, Rakim, Malice,

And for those who say that I forget the new school rappers, J-Cole.

Donald Glover aka, “Childish Gambino” released a mix-tape entitled, “ROYALTY” last week. After listening to this CD all week I have to admit that hip-hop may be in good hands in the future.

There is something special about, “Childish Gambino”. His metaphors and similes are unique. He is funny. He brings his comical genius into the hip-hop game and demonstrates his impressive writing skills, clever jokes and
funny punch lines.

I have always appreciated when an actor or other celebrity type has crossed over into the music game. Sometimes it is not met with success and is usually a gimmick to help promote the celebrities current projects.

Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx were successful. Joaquin Phoenix was not. Whew. I remember that David Letterman appearance when Joaquin walked out with that big ZZ Top beard and that Balki Bartokomous, from Perfect Strangers, tight ass suit.


You can download the CD for free right now by clicking on or copying this link now.

From the opening track entitled, “We Ain’t Them” which is a banger to, “One Up”, this entire CD is fulfilling. The radio songs, “Shoulda Known”, “Wonderful”, and “Make it Go Right” will give this CD the buzz needed in anticipation for the full forthcoming album.

Now let’s talk about the songs that make this CD standout from the other Hip Hop alternatives out there today.

I would say getting Beck and RZA to produce songs on your CD are just enough. But for the songs to be made memorable is like having an IPAD fall out after you hit a Piñata.

My personal pick jams are, “RIP featuring Bun B and Real Estate featuring Alley Boy, Swank and yes, Mrs. Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock star, Tina Fey. She is funny as hell on the track; and surprisingly hip.

The real creative song and my favorite on the CD is, “Bronchitis”. The beat by Beck is sick, the lyrics are ridiculous, and the creativity is off the meter. I even like the muzzled hook sang by, “Childish Gambino”.

This entire CD seemed like it was a fun project for Donald Glover. Consumers can feel when there was as much hard work as well as fun in the production process of an Album.

The other emotion demonstrated on this CD is Danny Glover’s love for Hip Hop.

We thank you for being the silly, crazy, very talented funny dude from 30 Rock and Community who happened to become a great rapper.

Yeah we party till the Sun up… If you don’t liking what we doing.. Shet up!


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