Always and Forever. The DJ used to play a slow jam at the party. Please DJ's bring back the love.

Everyday, love me your own special way. Melt all my heart away with a smile.

Remember when you were at the club and the DJ played a slow jam? I don’t care where you were, or who you were with, or how hard-core of a gangsta you were. If you grew up in the late 60’s, 70’s or 80’s when you went to a night club, a school dance, or your schoolmates basement quarter party, you danced to a slow jam. (Don’t turn that light off, you know your momma like the dark) Cooley High reference for those playing the drinking game ☺

Slow dancing changed boys to men and it made men become gentlemen. You didn’t force a woman to dance with you. You didn’t call a woman a derogatory word and expect her to still dance. You walked over to the girl that you wanted to experience the moment with and asked her, would you want to dance with me? Bottom line you treated a woman with respect.

There are many reasons that some of our young male artists have a lack of respect for the women of today. The profitability in portraying females as sex objects can be listed as the major reason but for the sake of this article let us examine another.

Back in the day (Toast two for the drinking game) when we as men prepared to go out to the night club it wasn’t the NBA, NFL or MLB jersey that we laid on the bed to get ready and find us a girlfriend a the club. It was a collard shirt, jeans or slacks with the crease in them. You are laughing reading this but I had friends who we had to wait in the car until they got the crease perfect in their shirt and or jeans. (No names Stovall, Alan, Kerry)

We prepared for the evening out like we were finding our wives. That was not a bad thing. We weren’t looking for Mrs. right now. Many would lie and say they were, but deep down inside I know that we were looking for that girl to maybe get a kiss during the slow dance or get a phone number (YOU KNOW WE HAD TO LEAVE AT LEAST WITH THE PHONE NUMBER) and maybe a good grind. We definitely wanted to get the phone number so that we could continue the positive progress that was made that night and hope that it would turn into something more.

After your friend finally got the crease he was looking for you would get in the car, play your favorite tape, and jam all the way to the basement party. When you finally arrived you would hope the DJ was good enough to have the party jumpin’. You knew if the party was jumpin’ the girls would dance with you long enough until the slow jam break.

Finally you heard the words that you were waiting for. “I think its time to slow this down for a minute.” And then it happened….

“Always and Forever, each moment with you. It’s just like a dream to me, that somehow came true. And I’ll know tomorrow, will still be the same. Cause we’ve got that life of love, that won’t ever change and…..”
It was at that moment that I would survey the area and find that one girl who had not danced the whole evening. You would make your way past the bullies, the gangstas, the nerds, (WAIT A MINUTE THAT’S ME) then you finally would find the girl who you would hope, after doing your analysis and your number crunching, was the girl who the odds said was the one who would dance with you.

“Hey I’m James and I am a Leo. Would you dance with me?


“Yes” Rap number 13 always works.(Drinking game #3 Cooley High Reference)

Then it happened. You positioned your feet outside of hers and hoped that watching that episode of Good Times when Ebay was dancing with Thelma was correct. As both of you swayed back and forth you kept singing the song that the DJ was playing.

“Everyday, love me your own special way. Melt all my heart away with a smile. Take time to tell me, Yoooooooou really care. And we’ll share tomorrow. Together.. I’ll always love you.


Oops I got caught up thinking I was at the Big Muddy in Carbondale and DJ CLAY had on the Heatwave.

Anyway after you did your thing on the dance floor you would then have a couple of more words to say.

“That was cool”. What dorm do you live in… Mae Smith? Oooh. Um. Can I have your number?


And there it was. You did what you were supposed to do. You respectfully met a young lady, danced with her, and asked her for her number so that you could go out on a more formal date.

Respecting the woman.

All because the DJ used to play slow music at the party!

Now I am not saying that if DJ’s played slow music today we would not be as violent a society as we are but every little bit counts.

Our kids today don’t even know what they are missing by not having the opportunity to slow dance. Today they their example of courting is, Wanna Hook Up? That’s its.

DJ’s take a stand. The next time you have the club rocking and its 20 minutes before closing time do the world a favor. Save our children and promote the unity between men and woman.

Play another slow jam… This time make it sweet.

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