Dwele, "What Profit", and Virgin Records responsible for my Marriage.

How many people can say that a record label is responsible for them getting married? Well I honestly can say that Virgin Records played a key role in me meeting my beautiful wife way back when. You may asked how is that possible? Well I am writing this blog about it. Wanna Hear it? Here it Go.

It was a beautiful Fall day years ago when then, a young, Tami Tisdale sent me an email to go and interview Bahamedia and Slum Village at the Double Door in Chicago. I was like cool because Bahamedia was one of the greatest slept on female rappers in the country. Furthermore, Slum Village, to this day, is one of my favorite Hip-HOP groups of all time. (T3 is the truth) but that is for another blog.

I called my mentor and producer Don Johnson to gather up the camera, et al, head to the Double Door and cover this hot concert. We arrived at the venue early and noticed there was another artist doing a sound check so we walked over to the stage and listened. The music that was coming out of the keyboards was something I had only heard from the Motown greats. Every movement, every note played, every vocal sang reminded me of a young Stevie Wonder even down to the Fender Rhodes.

Immediately my producer, Don Johnson, began to roll the tape and record the show. The excitement we both had in hearing a sound that was lacking in both the R&B realm and Hip-Hop was at an all time high.

After the sound check we rolled up to the artists to ask questions about his influences and what made him want to become a singer. I realized that after asking all those questions I forgot to ask the question that should have been first; “WHAT IS YOUR NAME.” When I got around to asking the artist what his name was he smoothly responded, “DWELE.”

We finished the interview, watched Slum Village and Bahamedia do their sound-checks, and got a couple of drinks all while continuing to discuss the songs we heard from this new star.

The evening progressed and it was time to start the show. Dwele went on stage, rocked the Double Door, which was not even full, then went back into the dressing room. We forgot that we were even there for Bahamedia and Slum Village and we left the show. During the drive home all we could talk about was how R&B and Hip Hop was about to be in for a Rebirth, Resurrection, and RIZE.

Time had passed, I told Tammy Tisdale the Virgin rep that I did not do the interview with Bahamedia or Slum Village so she rescheduled that interview the next night in Milwaukee. I did tell her about ,“DWELE” and how I thought Virgin had a winner. She took note and put me on the mailing list so that I would receive the first Vinyl release when it was made available.

Time had passed. I went to my P.O. Box to get my mail and got a test press of the Dwele single on vinyl, entitled, “Find A Way.” This is what I expected as a single from a guy who just six months ago set Chicago on fire. What I didn’t expect was the B-side of the vinyl containing the song that lead me to this article entitled, “TRUTH.” This is the song that changed my life and made DWELE one of my top 10 artists.

As a DJ I really never listened to lyrics in a song. Our job as a DJ’s is to mix records in and out, pumping the crowd up, while introducing new music to an audience that does not get to hear good music on the radio anymore.


At the time I had been in and out of relationships never the wiser from mistakes or successes. When the song the TRUTH was released, my father died, and I was yearning for a meaningful relationship and the meaning of life.

The relationship I was in at the time was a good one and it ran its course. I took valuable notes and learned many things from that relationship because I used the song, “TRUTH” as a map to guide me.

“I lied, I said you were the truth, you took it as the truth, and now I got you, but I don’t want you like that.” There only lives one love and of that you can’t compare to and that’s the bare-naked truth.


I used to love singing that song without knowing why!

That relationship ended and time moved on. I was in and out of relationships but the only thing that was consistent was the successful releases of DWELE’S music and soul stirring lyrics. Songs like, Know Your Name, My Lova, Weekend Love, Possible, Subject, Hold On, and one of my favorites, WITHOUT YOU.

It was the lyrics from, “WITHOUT YOU”, that I used to break the ice while meeting my wife in Las Vegas while DJ’ing the NBA ALL STAR Weekend event for Def Jam’s LLOYD, hosted by Horizen’s L.L.C Don Thompson.

I believe that while at a breakfast date at Starbucks on our official first date I sang to my future wife, “It’s how I feel when I’m around you, sky would fall without you, heavens lost without you and its gonna be alright.” Yep, I was already in love…

Time passed and we are happily married with 3 children. I still feel the same way about my wife and I owe the poetry of love lyrics to DWELE. So if it wasn’t for Tammy Tisdale hooking up the interview with Bahamedia and Slum Village, I would have never met my wife. Thank you VIRGIN RECORDS, TAMI TISDALE, BAHAMEDIA, SLUM VILLAGE, HORIZEN L.L.C’S DON THOMPSON, SEAN JACKSON, DEF JAM, RUSSELL SIMMONS, LLOYD, RT MUSIC GROUP, E ONE, AND OF COURSE DWELE.

Dwele continues his mastery of music with his new single out entitled, “What Profit.” Of course you know it is off the chain. You can listen to the single now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgrBykmbKp4.

You can also catch one of the performances that DWELE did on our show here at

Dwele will be performing for us this season as well at some point so be on the look out.

Season 21 of ClubbinTV kicks off on June 30 on NBC’s-NON Stop Saturday’s at 9:30PM with the episode featuring DWELE.


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  • For me it was "This Guy's In Love" by Herb Alpert.

    Music has a way of creating romance. And a broken record has contributed to ending it.

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