Kanye West Chicago's Big Brother.

It seems the message in Rap music has gotten lost. I don’t think that when most rappers were toddlers and early adolescents they wanted a Harem, racks on racks on racks, or 170 pair of tennis shoes while they drove in their rented Bugattis’. NO! They just wanted to have the freshest lyrics and be the best on the block.

Notice I used RAP. True Hip Hop poets could care less about the celebrity. Chuck D is not rocking Gucci Tattoos. KRS-ONE is not going to be on Celebrity Apprentice and Yasin Bey (formerly MOS DEF) won’t be singing about the new crispy chicken wraps.

That being said there is one artist that intrigues me enough to say that he is the Mitzelplik of today’s Rap. There is one artist that is the Bizzaro of today’s Rap. He is so creative and so intriguing; yet has become to me, the best Hip Hop artist of the decade.

He is an artist that has surpassed the genre of Hip Hop itself and has changed the way that rappers and actors coordinate their lifestyles. (You got to CO-OR-DIN-ATE) Usually when people do that it is all to sell records.

Not this Hip Hop leader.

And the best part about this artist; He is a native Chicagoan.

The man I speak of is……..Kanye West.

I have been keeping my mouth shut about this situation. I have held on to my Rakim, my KRS-ONE, my Christopher Wallace, my Big Daddy Kane, my MC LYTE, my Little Brother, my Rashid Hadee, my Ice Cube and my Common until today, May 24, 2012 at 5:45pm.

Kanye West has revolutionized Hip Hop.

I don’t know how many people have said this to you Kanye. Thank You!

For all of his haters, naysayers, and people who just want to dislike him because he is dating Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s musical track record is un-freakin believable.

Graduation is one of the top Hip Hop CD’s of all time. I can stop right there and put that CD up against any and all. Then to drop, “Watch the Throne”, this year. RIDICULOUS!

But his catalogue is not why I call him the greatest Hip Hop individual of this generation.

It is his lyrics. It is his metaphors. It is his simile.

It is his I don’t care what you think attitude to drop, “Jesus Walks.”

It is his I do care about you attitude to drop, “Jesus Walks.”

It is his arrogance to drop, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”

It is his humbleness that allowed him to drop, “Big Brother”.

The song, “Big Brother”, is the reason a couple of years ago I realized the complexity, intensity, lyrical control, creativity, brashness and humility all concealed in this our Tastemaker artist of the decade, “Kanye West”.

A man who has had amazing public ups and downs still has time to make emotional changing hits for the consumers. Sometimes when I feel like I am doing better than someone else or think I am on top of the world I listen to, “Big Brother” just to put my life in its proper perspective.

“My big brother was B.I.G’s brother
So here’s a few words from your kid brother
If you admire somebody, you should go ‘head and tell em’
People never get the flowers while they can still smell em’”

Kanye I am telling you now. We admire you.

Kanye West… Chicago’s Big Brother.

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