Dim All The Lights.. Donna Summer was the star of Disco and many other firsts. Rest In Peace.

Every week I want to write about fresh topics of the day and how we need to focus on returning to real music. Then, when I begin to write, something newsworthy provides the meat and direction of the story. Four weeks ago we lost Dick Clark. Two weeks ago we lost Adam “MCA” Yauch from the Beastie Boys. Today Donna Summer has died.

This hits hard. Just last week the blog was about how Chicago House Music was the pinnacle of my club going days and that there was no better time to enjoy music than the decades of the 80’s and 90’s. I did not know that fact would echo the truth just a week later.

With the entry of Disco in the early to mid 1970’s there were hundreds of groups trying to find the sound that would make them stars in the growing nightclub scenes.


You cannot tell me that you haven’t sung, “Last Dance” by yourself and sang the slow arrangement sexy while anticipating the speed up of the song and bopping around your home like you were Donna Summer herself…. I have.

You cannot tell me that you haven’t slowed danced with yourself, wrapping your arms around your body, while singing, “Love To Love You Baby.”…. I have.

And for Donna Summer the hits kept on coming. I Feel Love, Could It be Magic, Hot Stuff, On the Radio, She Works Hard For the Money and of course, BAD GIRLS. Toot toot-Hey, Beep Beep.

Artists don’t make CD’s anymore that have more than 1 number one song on them. Donna Summer was, and will forever be, the only artist to have 3 consecutive double albums reach number one on the US Billboard Chart.

DID YOU READ THAT? 3 consecutive double albums reach number one. Double ALBUMS. I don’t think any of today’s artists will ever have 3 Albums reach number one, let alone 3.

Tastemaker Television Network sends much love and respect to Donna Summer and her family during this time of mourning.

Donna as you rest in the big MacArthur Park in the sky you and your family have a lot to be happy about. You were a SUPERSTAR, a good mother and you left a great bit of history for musicians, fans and all music lovers.

First, Donna Summer was the star of the Disco era. Secondly, her vocal styling’s led to the creation of House Music with the attention to the Accapellas. Finally, “Love to Love You Baby,” gave us one of the greatest samples in the Hip Hop Generation. Digital Undergrounds, “Freaks of the Industry.”

I know that I am starting to sound like one of the old, overweight, stooges that always says things were better in my day. Well… I am, and they were.

Rest in peace. Donna Summer.

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