Where oh where has the real music gone?

Music soothes the savage beast. We have all heard stories about the power music has in healing, but music and the sound of music was originally used as communication device in Egypt as early as 6000 B.C. Hearing different drum patterns usually meant that there was a change of weather, announcement of a birth, or the arrival of new guests to the community.

The evolution of music, which today unfortunately now relies more on computer syncopated beats and auto-tuned average mortals, remains an instrument artists can use to speak to the masses in a language that only their demographic can understand.

Music can unite or divide. For the most part history has shown that music has been on the right side of justice for inequalities from everything from civil rights to equal rights.

Music has become our right of expression. Growing up a music fan and listening to everything and everyone from the Flock Of Seagulls to Little Brother I, DJ FINK, believe that I can speak to what music in my lifetime was, is, and has become.

AND RIGHT NOW….MUSIC IS IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY….. And it’s not because of piracy, the Internet, or any other technology that the record labels have offered up as the downfall of record sales.

Music is in a state of emergency because, plain and simple, IT SUCKS. It is in such a decline that we are creating 3d Holograms that resurrect artists who have passed away to excite paying consumers instead of just the music from the artists to satisfy the paying consumers.

Not only does music suck, but also the so-called music leaders have left us without guidance, community, and a future for our youth.

Joan Baez, Bob Marley, Gill Scott Heron, Ice Cube, Chuck D, KRS-ONE, and others put careers on the line to speak the truth about social injustice without worrying about record sales. The funny thing about these artists is that their record sales increased because those artists “Kept it Real”. In the artistic community, “Keeping it Real”, matters.

The music industry has become an industry about the cheapest way a label can make money on an artist no matter what the message. The messages coming out of the music industry today is that the future of our children don’t matter as long as there will be a profit made from the music that is being pushed down to them.

This statement in and of itself, to this author, is the deepest wound in music’s flesh.

Ragtime was one of music’s beautiful beginnings that lead to Jazz. Jazz lead to Rhythm and Blues, Rhythm and Blues lead to Rock, Rock lead to Disco, Disco lead to Real House Music. House lead to Pop, Pop lead to Hip Hop.

Hip Hop started out in the park as a new communication device between rival poets speaking what was happening in their communities. These poets used rhyming as a way to keep the stories interesting and entertaining to the group of on-lookers who gathered around the cipher. If there was something that the community had to address, the “Poets” kept you informed and the community leaders took action.

That use of artists to spread the word of the street happened in every genre of music from Miles Davis to Sinead O’Conner to Common.

Now I believe that this blog will echo some of the needs consumers have with today’s music.

Starting today, I DJ FINK, will focus on music releases that are picking up where music in 2001 left off. I will inform you of new releases that are rich of lyrics, creativity, and, a word that probably has not been used in a music column in 25 years; “ARRAINGEMENT”.

I will not focus on negative releases, or music that offends an individual race, religion, gender or sexual preference. I will only pick what I believe was a great CD.

Ladies an Gentlemen I introduce to you the, “LET’S GET BACK TO REAL MUSIC BLOG.” I am your host, DJ FINK.

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