Sometimes artists’ debut releases are so good that follow up CD's never hold up to the initial release. In other instances the artists fans are so brainwashed that they purchase the CD’s just because they love the artists and not the new release.

SWV return is complete and they have made a great R&B Album. Their new CD, I MISS US, could not have had a better title.

This CD is SWV. Their sound is unique. It is mixed with 90’s new jack and its ingredients are filled with driving with your cars top down, Friday afternoon, playing R&B music that makes you dance, while stopped at the stop sign, looking for someone to acknowledge hearing your stereo blasting.

SWV didn’t try to blend in with today’s music. If they did the CD would have been tossed in with all of the other proven artists who make their comeback trying to mix in with the music of today. Prince would never make a song with Wocka-Flocka Flame, so SWV should make SWV music only.

Hopefully this is a trend that continues with older artists who are needed back in the game to save music. I can’t tell you the day that I turned on the radio to listen to music. Whenever I turn on the radio it is to listen to the Score’s, “Boers and Bernstein”, or Sirius Satellites’, “Foxx-Hole Radio show. Both shows are for entertainment purposes and they fill that need perfectly. Sometimes those shows will even provide background instrumentals of music that I want to hear. Furthermore, Foxx-Hole Radio plays hot songs in between the funniest stand up clips from the decade.

Radio stations need an enema and or a thorough cleansing from top to bottom. The new SWV CD is one that should have radio play. It will not receive it because of the way radio allows for singles to reach the airwaves. You have to have a radio-marketing budget that gets someone in the door to promote the artists by giving out trips to the DJ’s, VIP to the station for the labels main hot artists, or some combination of the two that small independent labels can’t compete with.

If the playing field was level and radio had to play music for your soul that made you feel good, then, SWVs’ new CD would stand up to any radio station playlist.

Download this digitally or go and purchase the physical CD today from your local store. It is worth the 9.99 and after listening to the whole CD you will be in a great mood. This is one of the CD’s that you can clean the house to, cook dinner to, put in your car and wild out to, or just add to your playlist and enjoy at your leisure.
All the songs are great on the CD. DJ Finks’ picks are tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and the remake of Patti Labelle’s, If Only You Knew. To remake a Patti Labelle’s song takes the balls you need from an R&B group to show you that anything is possible.

Isn’t that what music is supposed to do for us? Put us in a great mood! SWV, I MISS YOU TOO. Welcome home to R&B.


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  • I loved them, had that mix of street, bass and soul, will cop this, thanks for the recomendation.

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