Dick Clark will be missed by all Tastemakers.

Today is a day of firsts for DJ FINK. The first, “Let’s Get Back To Real Music Blog in Chicago Now was published at 9:58AM. The first response to the Blog was from my wife who, for the first time, said it was outstanding and that changes were not necessary.

Today will also go down as a first. It is with sad news that the first Music Television Video Jock has died. Long time industry music pioneer, Dick Clark, has passed away at the age of 82.

Words cannot reflect what Dick Clark means to music, or means to me, but I hope that this digital tribute will only help augment your memory of the icon.

American Bandstand and Soul Train united people of all races and broke the television color lines. As music evolved, so did Dick Clark, and this transition allowed for the growth of music and music television. Soul Train, MTV, TRL, 106 and Park and, the show that I host, “Tastemaker Television Network’s ClubbinTV”, all owe their birth to Dick Clark and American Band Stand.

Dick Clark and American Band Stand was also the first to introduce the rap group, RUN-DMC to a nationwide audience. That introduction lead to Rap becoming a sponsor-able medium itself as ADIDAS shortly found out afterwards.

Dick Clark will be known for many other things in life but to me he will be known as the pioneer and leader in the successful distribution of hip-hop domestically and internationally. The successes of “YO MTV RAPS” in Oklahoma, Montana, North Dakota, Tokyo, and Beijing can be attributed to Dick Clark putting his brands approval on it.

Rest in Peace Dick Clark.

It’s Like That…. And That’s The Way it is…

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