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Clients Who've Excelled at Winning Tonys, Emmys, ... and Mothering!

Just as the arrival of our Chicago tulips tells us that Spring is finally here, the resurgence in the Real Estate market tells us that we have come a long way since those challenging days in 2009 and 2010!  I have had four transactions in just one block of the South Loop in the last... Read more »

Revisiting Chicago's RANCH Triangle Neighborhood!

I recently took on a listing at 1901 N. Dayton, located in the RANCH Triangle section of Lincoln Park, and I am having an even greater appreciation for the neighborhood in that part of Chicago. The RANCH gets its name from the boundaries, roughly from the Chicago River on the East to Halsted Street on... Read more »

Remembering the Rise of West Lincoln Park!

Remembering the Rise of West Lincoln Park!
Can you think of a Chicago neighborhood that started out as three sleepy parallel streets, each street uninterrupted by stops signs for a full quarter mile?  That is now home to an ex-race car driver?  That is bordered on one end with a High School and on the other end with an Elementary School?  That... Read more »

Loyalty, Royalty, and Chicago's Own Gala Events

Loyalty manifests itself in many ways.  One kind is Loyalty to a good cause, being steadfast in supporting it and honoring those who might have triggered you to become involved. I am proud of several friends who were moved to become involved and stay loyal to two different causes.  I admire the important roles they... Read more »

Life, Theater, and Real Estate All Mixed Together!

With Theater Season coming on strong I can’t help but think about my friend Michael Morrison who passed away recently.  He was such a strong supporter of the Steppenwolf Theater.   He was chairman of the Real Estate division of Hopkins and Sutter and counted a close knit group of many of Chicago’s top legal... Read more »