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Giving Thanks and Giving Back!

It struck me that the name of my Blog might give the wrong impression – the ‘Royalty’ in Real Estate Royalty is not me(!) but the clients I have been proud to serve over the years.  In many cases I have been fortunate enough to build lasting friendships with them as well. There have been... Read more »

Foreclosure Issues and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

As a member of the Top 25 Luxury realtors of Chicago I have the privilege of attending monthly meetings where the top people in various industries come together and address key issues such as the rise in Foreclosures.  We all met today, October 20, at LuxeHome in the Merchandise Mart.  In addition to participating in... Read more »

An Overbooked Day in the Life!

I woke up not feeling 100% at 5am, but sick days are simply not allowed in Real Estate.  Of course my day would include the usual:  walking the dog, responding to over 100 emails a day, returning phone calls, squeezing in a workout, and coordinating with my housekeeper who comes in once a week. But... Read more »