Beautiful Lincoln Yards and Summer Fun at Lake Geneva!

There is an exciting new project being proposed for a huge area between Lincoln Park and Bucktown, called Lincoln Yards.  It is being developed by a firm called Sterling Bay.  Here is a rendering of this amazing $5 Billion development.

There is already a Major League Soccer team lined up to play in the 20,000 seat stadium that will be part of the development, it will be a real showpiece!  There will be outdoor music performance spaces as well.

Today it is a desolate area, where a large steel refinery and other factories and scrapyards used to be.  Here is a view of how it looks today, looking to the South towards downtown and covering roughly the same area as in the top photo above.

From a map perspective, there are warehouses, a large open area where a metal refinery used to be (Yellow X), a few businesses like a Home Depot (Green X), a large area where scrap metal is squashed into cubes (Red X), and a huge truck repair area where Chicago garbage trucks go to get maintained (Blue X)!  The Red Oval shows where one of the Aldermen for the area would like to have the developer build a public park.

As with any large project, there is controversy.  The Chicago Planning Commission, located in our fine City Hall, is the final approver of such projects, but there has always been an unspoken rule that the local Alderman must give his or her okay first.  The developer has filed with the City but neither Alderman has given approval yet.  There was a public meeting two weeks ago but no one from the public was allowed to speak(!)  It will be interesting to track where it goes from here!

Listings, we have Listings!  One of the most sought after buildings in Lincoln Park is shown above, Lincoln Park 2550.  Besides the impressive architectural design, created by my husband Lucien Lagrange, the location and the beautiful gardens behind the building are both attractive features of the building.  I recently sold a 3 Bedroom unit in one day, and now I have another beautiful 3 Bedroom on the 26th Floor.  Someone will be very happy to have commanding views of the Lake and the best parts of the City!

Lucien and I are fortunate to have made friends with many of our clients over the years.  Several of my clients have second homes on beautiful Lake Geneva, just across the Wisconsin border.  The Lake and an example of one of the lovely lake houses are shown above.  This year we were lucky to be invited to the home of a top financier in Chicago for his annual summer party at his Lake Geneva property.  He is a generous, gracious host to literally hundreds of people.  Usually there is a dance performance, followed two or three rock bands, and tops it off with a fireworks show that rivals that of Chicago itself!

Have a great Summer everyone!

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