Exciting City Skyline "SuperTalls"!

There are three exciting projects that will soon be making significant additions to our beautiful skyline.  First and foremost is a new building at 1000 South Michigan, designed by Helmut Jahn, with a unique, stunning design.  In the left hand photo you are looking North with the Aon building, formerly the Standard Oil building in the middle of the picture and 1000 South Michigan on the left.  Appropriately enough, 1000 South Michigan Avenue will be 1,000 Feet Tall, with 86 stories worth of luxury condos, exquisitely designed interior spaces and amazing Lake and City views.

But wait, there's more!  As shown above there will be a second project from developer Crescent Heights with 2 other new SuperTalls rising up to 76 floors at Roosevelt and Michigan, show above in a rendering looking from Grant Park to the South.  When you add in the two existing buildings of Museum Park, it is one of the largest concentrations of SuperTalls in the World!  Regardless of one's opinion of what some are calling "ChicagoHenge", for its resemblance to those famous ancient British megaliths, the South Loop streetscape will soon be undergoing huge changes.

The third project is that the Dalian Wanda Group of China, in conjunction with our own Magellan Development Group, is moving forward with their three huge buildings along Wacker Drive East.  These towers will be called “Vista”, with the anchor hotel being named the Wanda Vista Hotel.

The design is unique for the area, as one would expect from a design by Jean Gang and her Studio Gang team.  While her mark on Chicago is well established by the Aqua, shown above, and other projects, this huge development could put her shoulder to shoulder with the leading architects of the new millennia!

The project fills in the last gap in fabulous Lake Shore East area, as shown above, in this case the buildings will face North as the three run side by side along East Wacker Drive.  I was allowed a special preview through my past participation in other Magellan projects, and a “kickoff” broker’s Open House coming up soon will truly mark the beginning of the property sales effort.

Lake Shore East has come such a long way, the Wanda project will fill in the last open space.  I used to live in the Park Shore building and golf at the Illinois Center Golf Par 3 when it was a vast field of green!  Does anyone remember?  Take a look!  The area was blessed with celebrities and sports stars, it was an every day event to say hi to Mr. Cub himself, Ernie Banks.  Hopefully he is still smiling up there, even though our playoff hopes were dashed by the hated Mets!

Back in 2004 I worked with Todd Hundley, who was the Catcher for the Cubs.  He was receiving scathing reviews from the fans for having a huge contract and not producing home runs as expected.  Ironically, from an insider’s view I knew him as a wonderful young man who was suffering grief from the recent loss of his mother, things the fans don’t always see! 

Todd was very generous, and one funny story is when he offered to get Cubs tickets for my friend’s 9 year old son.  I was so excited, Todd was also going to bring this lucky young man into the Cub’s Clubhouse to meet all the ballplayers!  The joke was on me though:  even though he was a Little Leaguer and I was certain he would jump at the chance, he just looked at me and said “No way, I’m a White Sox fan!”

And finally, something to really cheer about.  Bertrand Goldberg’s iconic masterpiece, Marina Towers, was unanimously approved for Landmark status on November 5!  After losing his Prentice Woman’s Hospital building it is so nice to finally Win One!  Now his amazing work will survive and be part of the cityscape for decades and decades.


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