Real Estate Action in Central Chicago and My Old School

I am seeing lots of Real Estate activity within a one or two mile radius of the Loop.  This includes River North, West Loop, north and west up to Noble Square and the curiously named East Village, east out to the New Eastside, and my own home area in the South Loop.

I recently sold a Town Home along South Indiana, a row of them are shown above, and I have a beautiful listing out by Western and Erie at 2242 W. Erie.  Closer to the Loop I recently sold a magnificent townhome on North Water across Ogden Slip from the Fox and Obel in North Pier.

I am hoping to pick up a new listing along the marvelous Prairie Avenue District, here’s a row of beautiful Prairie Avenue homes, taken back when we actually had some decent weather!  This area is also home to the Clark House, the oldest home in all of Chicago.

Commercially, plans were recently announced for a new high rise at the Southeast corner of Michigan and Roosevelt.  This will be the first large building in the area since the completion of One Museum Park.  It is such a positive sign for the area, I can’t wait to see when some preliminary plans are finally released.  Along the Magnificent Mile, we have the major milestone of units finally closing and owners moving in at the Residences at the Ritz Carlton on Michigan Avenue, shown above.

In the South Loop there are three alderpersons who are helping move things along, namely Robert “Bob” Fioretti of the 2nd, shown above, Pat Dowell of the 3rd, and Walter Burnett Jr. of the 27th.  I applaud all three of them, they seem to be forward thinking and active in the community.  As the economy starts to improve there will be even more projects like the new Mariano's Market over on Clark Street.

Here's a funny “small world” story. To begin with, I attended the artEdge benefit for the Museum of Contemporary Art on Saturday February 2.  The event had a real Urban/Industrial design theme, it was stunning.  One of the graffiti decorations for the event is shown above.

It was a wonderful event, raising over $900,000 for the MCA this year.  Alderman Fioretti was there so I had a chance to talk to him.  I had heard he came from the West Pullman neighborhood on the South Side, and I’m from the South Side as well.  I went to grade school at Saints Peter and Paul Grade School down there, just guess which one is Me in the picture above!  (Helpful Hint:  First Row Left!)  I had a classmate named Leslie Fioretti.  Sure enough, the Alderman confirmed to me that Leslie was his cousin!

Let’s keep hoping the big snows stay away…

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