Dog Buys Condo!

Sometimes it’s good to wait before you put all your cards on the table, especially if you’re a dog!

I have written before about some of the doggy issues in Chicago’s ritzier High Rises.  We see the full range of condo rules, from limits on how many pets an owner can have to individual doggie weight restrictions to the dreaded “No Dogs At All”!

Well, I recently heard a true story about a loyal dog owner in Chicago who came up with their own novel way of reacting to the pet restrictions of a particular Chicago high rise.  The dog-loving man had closed on the unit and moved in to the building without any issues.  The next day, he sashayed through the building’s lobby with a rather large, well-groomed and well-mannered, four-footed friend.

“I’m very sorry, there are no dogs allowed in the building.” said the dutiful doorman.  “Oh no, this particular dog is definitely allowed in the building.” said the man.  “No, he’s not!” said the doorman.  “We have a no-pets policy here!”

At that point the dog’s owner walked with him into the building’s management office.  That’s when it was time to finally lay the cards on the table, and what impressive cards they were.  The “cards” turned out to be an ironclad set of legal documents, along with the closing papers for the sale of the condo, establishing beyond a doubt that a condo unit in the building had been sold to the family’s tail-wagging dog!

To my knowledge that condo canine is still there to this very day.  He probably used his condo as collateral to do some online trading!

Now for another update on one of my favorite topics, Life in the South Loop.  The pleasures of “SoCon” continue to grow.  “SoCon”?  Yes, my newly coined phrase meaning "South of Congress"!  Here’s a 1960 photo of the new Congress Expressway flowing through the Post Office building.

I’ve talked before about special places in the South-of-Congress area like Buddy Guy’s Blues Club, the little gems like the park behind Dearborn Station, and the best Deli in the downtown area, the Eleven City Diner.

As you go farther South and get past Roosevelt, there are new attractions like a large sports bar called Scout and unusual yet tasty cuisine at Flo and Santo’s.  Of course the venerable Wabash Tap remains the locals' favorite bar and answers that all-important question:  "Where can I get free peanuts and throw the shells on the floor?" 

Closer to my building at One Museum Park, the Little Branch Café is a vastly underrated gem and they have totally upgraded the little grocery at 13th and Prairie to have the latest in gourmet cheeses and condiments along with a burgeoning selection of wines!

The SoCon event that has everyone most excited is the construction of the Marianos Fresh Market at 16th and Clark!  Here is a mockup of what it will look like.

Finishing off my SoCon/South Loop update, I have a beautiful new listing at 1300 South Indiana, it is a very nicely laid out 3 Bedroom Townhouse, so be on the lookout at my website where I’ll post a full listing.

Finally, a very exciting rock band is starting to get more and more jobs at some well known clubs around town.  The band is called Eleven Dollar Bills and the drummer is Matt Carroll, the son of my friend John Carroll of CS Magazine.  They have played at the Elbo Room up on Lincoln, the renowned Martyr’s up by Lincoln and Irving Park, and recently at the Hard Rock Café!  Here they are at the Hard Rock.

Have a wonderful, safe, and flu-free New Year!

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