West Bucktown Update, and Keeping it in the Family!

Let’s talk a little about two of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods, Wicker Park and Bucktown!

Besides being home to some of the best art galleries, music venues, and coffee shops in town, and having the most per capita tattoos and single speed bicycles in the World, Bucktown is also home to my cousin Jennifer and her new husband.  Here’s a dazzling picture from their recent Wedding Day!

Alas, Jen is moving out to be closer to her workplace, a school in Lake Forest, but she has made a very smart decision by selecting ME to be her real estate broker and list her beautiful two bedroom condo at 1740 N. Maplewood in Bucktown!  I am so honored that a family member has given me this important task.  It’s a classic loft, with exposed brick walls and high ceilings that show off the vintage timbers used in its construction.  As always feel free to see more at melindajakovich.com.

One of the most noteworthy civic projects in the last 50 years is under way in the Wicker Park and Bucktown areas.  I’m talking about the Bloomingdale Trail, a 2.7 mile long railroad trestle, running from Ashland on the East to Central Park on the West, that will be converted to an elevated, soon-to-be-famous city park!  There will be connections at all of the key streets along the way.  Here is a rendering of a new bridge that will be built where the trail crosses Milwaukee Avenue!

I almost bought a lot in the Wicker Park neighborhood back in 1986, several years before I got into real estate.  A developer named Charles Kapp, who I knew because his mother Nancy Kapp, who runs her own real estate firm, is a good friend of mine, came to me with an offer to buy a lot in Wicker Park for $5,000. Maybe I could have built a beauty like this one!  If I only knew then what I know now…

Today was the beginning of the Chicago International Film Festival, it will be taking place at the River East theaters until October 25.  The Gala featured Christopher Walken, what an interesting actor!  The Chicago fest has more range than most, there should be something that will interest you so take a look!

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