New Listing on Exclusive Astor Street!

Chicago’s Astor Street area is undoubtedly a top destination for the carriage drivers who ply upper Michigan Avenue, looking to treat tourists to the sight of some of Chicago’s most beautiful homes.  Here’s just one of the magnificent homes you can see there.

Besides the ornate single family mansions found along Astor Street there are amazing vintage Co-Ops and Condo buildings with some of the most elegant units you will ever see this side of 209 East Lake Shore Drive!  I recently took on a beautiful listing at the 1325 North Astor building, an example of the Modernist school of architecture designed by Andrew Rebori and completed in 1929.

Rebori started his work after the turn of the century, and he was mentored by the most famous of Chicago architects, Louis Sullivan.  He was known for serving his clients and following their wishes, sometimes to a point that the critics cast aspersion on the artistic quality of his work!  But what work it was, just look at the Madonna Chapel of Loyola University, the famous modernist Florsheim Mansion at 1328 North State Parkway, and the Frank Fisher Apartments at 1209 North State Parkway, shown above from right to left.

My clients for the listing have a great appreciation for the history of Chicago architecture, and the owner worked in a Chicago Landmark building where he was instrumental in protecting and preserving the legendary façade.  The unit has a pleasing, open layout where each room is big enough to make its own statement. Even the Foyer is spacious and allows you to take your time and enjoy the artwork before moving on into the rest of the home! The decoration of their unit is rich with deep reds and greens, making the blue of Lake Michigan, as seen through the oversize Dining Room picture window, even more striking than usual.  The building has only one residence per floor, giving the owners the utmost in privacy, a real haven along peaceful Astor Street!

I have had many memorable experiences along Astor Street during my career.  I had a listing at 1515 North Astor and had strong interest from the marketplace, but my client just wasn’t ready to part with their home and decided to stay.  Many people are familiar with the Cardinal’s Mansion, shown above, but when I was in the Finance industry years ago I worked with a woman who had been raised in the Cardinal’s servants’ quarters, and got a behind the scenes view of life at that stately location!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to take part in a small chapter of the ongoing history of the remarkable buildings of Chicago and the gracious people who reside in them.

Now for an update on my dog Frankie's favorite friend Reiser!  With the help and support of the Chicago Veterinary and Emergency Center and good friends like John Carroll, Reiser is doing much better and they think he will get back to his old self!  Here he is with all those nasty bandages removed.  Frankie is so happy!


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  • I always enjoy reading your stories. Melinda, I am sure you already know that Potter Palmer was the real estate genuis who developed the area we now call the Gold Coast, but "did you know," that Potter purchased the land from John Jacob Astor? Hence the name Astor Street. If I could pick one building from the past to visit, the Palmer Castle would be it!

  • This blog has very distinct features.

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