An Aerie for His Airness at Juanita Jordan's Penthouse!

I thought working through the challenges of our Economy was tough but now I’m having to contend with an Endangered Species - but read on and see how sweet it is!

No, I’m not talking about the scarcity of High End Buyers, although they were almost extinct there for a while!  I’m referring to a Mama Peregrine Falcon that chose to plop down in a flowerbox on the roof deck of my Penthouse listing at 1100 N. Lake Shore Drive.  She’s a beauty, as you can see above, and she is greatly contributing to the resurgence of her breed – she is sitting on Four Eggs!

This is on the 41st floor, a beautiful triplex overlooking the Lake, formerly owned by 'His Airness' Michael Jordan and now for sale by Juanita Jordan.  Thankfully for us we have been told it is okay to go ahead and continue bringing prospective buyers through the home, and we can even go up to the 41st floor Solarium provided we don’t step outside!

If we step outside then Ms. Peregrine will attack and I’ll end up looking like Tippi Hedren in ‘The Birds’!  In fact our birdie’s name is “Ballistic” so I’m truly giving her a lot of leeway.  A specialist named Mary Hennen from the Field Museum came out and saw that our Falcon had been tagged some time ago, and from the tag we learned her name is Ballistic and that she was born in Cleveland 7 years ago.

Being a smart little bird she quickly ditched Cleveland and winged her way to the vastly improved sights (and rabbits) of Chicago.

Here is a link to the report on La Belle Ballistic that aired recently on a CBS Channel 2 news report.  Take a look!  CBS News Report

Here's a photo of a Falcon from another city feeding its babies. I have a showing at the Penthouse on Sunday, which as you should all know by now happens to be Mother’s Day.  How appropriate it would be if our four “Baby Ballistics” all peck their way out of their calcified cages on Mother’s Day!!

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