Big Week! Another Celebrity Home Hits the Real Estate Market!

I had a Birthday last month and went to a friend’s home on the top floor of the Elysian/Waldorf Astoria.  It had spectacular views from its full wrap-around windows, with unblocked views out to the westernmost edges of the Chicago Metro area.

As we have all heard, celebrities such as Michael Jordan and Rosie O'Donnell have recently put their homes on the market.  Maybe it was Birthday luck, but I recently was gratified to be asked to co-list a Penthouse Unit along Lake Shore Drive once owned by a famous sports star.  I won’t say exactly who, since there is much work to do before the Unit is formally placed on the Market, but let’s just say I’m wondering if this Penthouse will get as much notoriety as the aforementioned homes received.

I was again honored by another colleague that I will be joining in co-listing a beautiful condo at 999 North Lake Shore Drive, shown above.  This is one of my favorite buildings in the City, bearing the distinctive design signature of Benjamin Marshall, architect for other landmark buildings I have written about before such as the Drake Hotel and 209 East Lake Shore Drive.  There is no greater compliment than to have another broker trust me with a co-listing arrangement.

Spring must be in the air, as the Real Estate market continues to show signs of greatly increased activity!  I recently found a luxury rental unit for a client in just four days, and I recently sold beautiful condos in the West Loop at CA23, shown above, and in River North at Tuxedo Park after having the units on the market for only a couple of weeks!

The Chicago Commercial Real Estate Awards, benefitting the Greater Chicago Food Depository, are tonight, March 9, and one firm in particular deserves special notice, namely my friends at Partners by DESIGN, Inc.  They have already won “Interior Design Firm of the Year” twice and I just now heard that their recent beautiful projects, including a huge renovation of the Navistar corporate campus, led them to win yet again tonight!

Finally, my friend Michael Isaacs and his family own Crawford Steel, a thriving steel-working firm located in Brighton Park, at Kedzie just South of Interstate 55 expressway.  What I didn’t know until recently is that Crawford has collaborated with graffiti artists and graciously allowed their exterior walls and other spaces to be beautifully decorated!  Above is a collage of three different views from around the building.

The location has been publicized by numerous Chicago tourism websites and is gaining greatly in popularity due to the striking and creative designs that go on for hundreds of yards around the company’s campus.  Just click on the following link and it will take you to a video that was recently shot as the cameraman drove along the plant’s perimeter:    Link   .  Take a look, you won’t believe your eyes!

Less than a month to Opening Day!!!

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