The Cathedral District and Tributes to My Loved Ones

Several of Chicago’s most famous churches are grouped closely together, between Delaware and Ontario to the North and South, and Michigan Avenue to Lasalle on the East and West.  They include Fourth Presbyterian, the recently demolished Scottish Rite Cathedral on Dearborn and Walton, and two more cathedrals, St. James and Holy Name.

Several high end condo buildings have arisen in this area in recent years.  Elegant towers like the Elysian, the Pinnacle, the Fordham, and 55 E. Erie (shown above) have added style and modern elevation, sprouting up from the solid foundation of classic religious architecture around them.  As so often happens a handy ‘handle’ was coined to refer to the whole area – the “Cathedral District”.

The Cathedral District is attracting many empty-nester suburban couples who longed to return to the delights of the City.  This influx of qualified real estate buyers has greatly augmented the resurgence in the high end market.  In fact, home sales in the area increased 13.5% from the year prior, and one especially positive statistic is that the inventory of homes up for sale is down 21% from a year ago.

This year has been a challenging one for Real Estate, but thankfully my clients continue to support me and several long term clients who I sold property for in the past have come back and asked me to again sell their current homes.  I have beautiful listings at 55 East Erie and 840 North Lake Shore Drive and 270 East Pearson, among many others.  I am excited to be doing what I do and having the pleasure of seeing the looks on people’s faces when they close on their new home.

I want to take a moment and pay tribute to two dear people in my life who passed away over the last year.  The talk of cathedrals reminds me of one of the famous sites in the homeland of my beloved Uncle Joe Mariella, who passed away in August.  He was from Bari, Italy, along the Southeast coast of the country, and the beautiful San Sabino Cathedral, shown above, is one of the most famous landmarks there.  To put it simply, he worked hard, brought his family to America from Italy, and achieved the American dream. 

My thoughts also go to my Aunt Josie, my father’s sister, who passed away in February.  She was a true character who brought laughter and fun with her wherever she went.

May you all have a wonderful time over the Holidays and let’s all pray for happiness and joy in the New Year.



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  • I knew the Scottish Rite Catherdral had been sold but was it really recently demolished? Or was it the tower next door? I thought the property was a protected landmark? Happy New Year to you. I love Chicago which is why I enjoy reading your articles. Thank you.

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