Chicago's Beautiful French Connection

I recently was fortunate enough to take a vacation to France, it was the first time I had been out of the country in a long time!  I was impressed with the architectural style of many of the buildings in Paris, as in the example shown above.

Then it struck me that through the influence of Lucien Lagrange we have several buildings in Chicago sporting some of the same motifs found in the grand buildings of Paris!  Here is the Rooftop and the Courtyard of our very own Elysian, designed by Mr. Lagrange.  These elements successfully impart an elegant Parisian flavor to the multitudes of skyscraper stories between them, elevating the building to be one of the more attractive new buildings in recent years.

Just a few years before the Elysian another beautiful Lagrange building arose, at 840 N. Lake Shore Drive.  Here again the classic rooftop gives a graceful note to the building, which is so perfectly positioned at the edge of Lake Michigan!  Right around the corner is another Lagrange creation, 65 East Goethe, which again has the classic lines of the best European buildings.

I recently took on a listing in the 840 N Lake Shore Drive building, unit 1903, which has stunning views to the South and East.  It really is one of my favorites, as you can see from the pictures there is sunshine and the liveliness of the City just flowing into the home all day long!

Chicago is blessed with buildings of all styles, but these and other eye catching buildings with the French influence, such as Lincoln Park 2520, have added new flavor to Chicago’s award-winning skyline!

Speaking of our wonderful WIndy City, the Mercer Consulting Group recently evaluated a number of the most famous cities in the United States and the world, 221 of them, on a variety of factors such as environment, schools, safety, etc.  Chicago was rated 4th highest of all of the cities in America that were part of the evaluation, and 43rd overall!

I hope you didn’t get caught in Friday’s blizzard, here’s hoping it won’t get any worse for the rest of the Winter!

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