Bertrand Goldberg, Chicago's Rental Hotels, and the Joffrey Couture and Cocktails Event!

Marina City, River City, and the Prentice Women's Hospital are notable buildings around Chicago that were designed by the great architect Bertrand Goldberg.  A special exhibition devoted exclusively to Goldberg and his works opened on Saturday September 17th at the Art Institute of Chicago and will run until January 15, 2012.

Goldberg belongs in the company of the past giants of Chicago architecture such as Sullivan and Wright, with his unique designs and a full philosophy behind his work that attempted to tie together the way people live with the buildings they live in.  His iconic buildings are closely identified with Chicago and will go down in history as some of the most innovative buildings in town!

Regarding the latest trends in Chicago Real Estate, I have been seeing an increasing number of people looking to lease a unit in one of our beautiful luxury condo buildings like the Elysian or the Four Seasons while they wait to see where the market will go.  Another contributor to the rental trend is when a suburban homeowner sells their house before they have had time to truly survey the downtown market so they move into a rental while they pursue their search.

Besides looking for a rental unit in one of the luxury buildings such as the Elysian or Four Seasons or others, another alternative is to take on a month-to-month rental of furnished rooms in a beautiful older Hotel such as the Seneca or the Belden Stratford.  These settings offer some of the same amenities as a luxury condo building without quite as much up front commitment.

I learned how valuable these Hotels can be a few years ago when I had water damage in my Lincoln Park condo and needed a place to live for four months while repairs were underway.  The insurance company offered a stipend that fit well with the rates offered by the Seneca, located at 200 E. Chestnut.

The Seneca rooms were quite nice, with a Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room along with a large Bedroom.  The building sports three restaurants, which came in handy during the cold Winter we had that year.  Currently there is a restaurant belonging to the well-known Francesca restaurant chain on the west side of the first floor, called Francesca's on Chestnut, and a long time restaurant on the east side called the Saloon on Chestnut.  A nice breakfast cafe called the Chestnut Street Cafe completes the trio.

For amenities, there was a nice fitness room, sun deck, valet parking, a dry cleaner's in the basement, and the people at the Front Desk were especially friendly and helpful for numerous services along the way.

Finally, I wanted to direct everyone's attention to a wonderful benefit event for the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago coming up this Saturday, September 23 - namely the exciting and popular Couture and Cocktails event!  The location is the newly redesigned Hudson building at 2222 S. Michigan Avenue, just West of McCormick Place.

Couture and Cocktails will be the first major event held at the fabulous Hudson, and the attractions for the evening include a full runway fashion show co-presented by Nieman Marcus Chicago and the renowned designer David Meister, lavish cocktails and creative cuisine by the Entertaining Company, a live and silent auction, and best of all the chance to get down and dance side by side with the members of the Joffrey Company to Chicago-based DJ Ashok!

Hope to see you there!


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