Revisiting Chicago's RANCH Triangle Neighborhood!

1901 N. Dayton

I recently took on a listing at 1901 N. Dayton, located in the RANCH Triangle section of Lincoln Park, and I am having an even greater appreciation for the neighborhood in that part of Chicago.

The RANCH gets its name from the boundaries, roughly from the Chicago River on the East to Halsted Street on the West, and from Armitage and Courtland on the North to North Avenue on the South.  The neighborhood association was founded in 1963, long before the area became such a desirable place to live! 

For example, does anyone remember when Clybourn Street was still on the ‘outskirts’, and it was empty enough that late on Saturday nights souped up cars would cruise up and down the street and there would be drag races along Clybourn from Courtland up to Fullerton?

Now, of course, the community is thriving and attractive!  Just along Halsted Street you have the world-renowned Steppenwolf Theater, and restaurants like the Landmark, Boka, and Vinci, and going West along Armitage you have one of the most popular shoe stores in town at Lori’s, which was started in 1983 and has grown from 650 sq ft to become a 4,500 sq ft ‘temple of footwear’ as the website says.

The layout of the neighborhood is perfect when you think about it.  There are almost no businesses along the North-South residential streets like Dayton, Fremont, and Bissell, making them peaceful and quiet and safer, while the restaurants, boutiques, and bars are clustered along the boundary streets like Armitage, Halsted, North Avenue, and Clybourn!

While we’re at it, let’s reach out and let the RANCH Triangle take credit for the wonderful Farmer’s Market every Saturday in the Lincoln Park High School parking lot, even though it’s just a little to the East, and of course DePaul University, even though it’s just a little to the North, and finally the new Apple store and the immediately successful newcomer, the British School of Chicago, even though they are both a little to the South!

I  haven’t even gotten to the ‘old timers’ of the area like Goose Island Brewery and Restaurant and the numerous businesses along the Clybourn Corridor.  Like I said, working on my new project on Dayton Street has truly reopened my eyes to one of the liveliest neighborhoods in our great City!

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