Honors to Jack Wing and an LED Lighting Update!


Before my Real Estate career I worked for the investment banking and trading firm The Chicago Corporation.  I have fond memories of the many good people I worked with there, and I'll always have a special place in my heart for our Chairman at the time, Jack Wing, who is now the Chairman Emeritus of the firm.


I am especially proud to mention that Jack, known more formally as John A. Wing, is being honored by the Illinois Humanities Council on May 17 and will be receiving their 2011 Public Humanities Award.  This annual honor recognizes "individuals who have made a distinguished contribution to civic life through the humanities".


Besides a stellar and illustrious career in the financial industry, leading to his selection in 2005 to the Futures Industry Association Hall of Fame, Jack currently serves on the boards of Rush University Medical Center, the Ravinia Festival, Kartemquin Films, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, and the Chicago Humanities Festival.

His contributions to the Humanities have helped make our wonderful city a much better place, and I am so happy to have known him all these years.

Shifting gears, I wanted to mention a topic I have become familiar with that is relevant to Real Estate, especially commercial real estate, but also relevant to designers and anyone who believes in the value of Going Green.



I am referring to the LED Lighting Industry, which has matured to the point where there are low energy yet aesthetically appealing LED light alternatives to just about every type of light that one would find in homes, or industrial warehouses and factories, or even office buildings and skyscrapers.


Several factors are pushing LEDs to the forefront.  One is that incandescent bulbs are being phased out by government regulation starting in 2012(!)  The big players such as GE and Sylvania are starting to advertise and raise awareness for LEDs, and there are also many small firms such as Naperville's own PolyBrite International in the LED market as well.


Some manufacturers are producing lamps with a bit of a space age look, with metal fins and what have you that help dissipate the heat, while others, such as PolyBrite's Borealis product line, have patented technology that allows the bulbs to look much like their traditional counterparts.

LEDs are now providing as-good-or-better lighting than traditional lights, and in most cases they use one fifth to one tenth of the energy of traditional lights!  The energy and replacement savings more than justify the cost of going green with LEDs.  I just wanted to share what I see as a growing trend, and hope that you will consider LEDs for your own homes or at work.

Hope the Bulls can bring back the glory days of Michael and Scottie - GO BULLS!

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