Chicago Street Festivals and What Happened to the Bulls?

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Well, it's Summer Festival time in the City!  This weekend there's a huge street fest going on up by Wrigleyville at Belmont and Sheffield, and of course there's the 57th Street Art Fair on June 4th and 5th in Hyde Park.









Followed by the famous Old Town Art Fair on the 11th and 12th.  Hope to see all of you out there, that is, if we ever get some nice WEATHER!




The weather has been so bad that I felt the need to get away to somewhere warmer even though it is now late May!  I went away to St. Petersburg Florida and just wanted to say that the Dali Museum there is an amazing place to visit.



Besides some very intriguing artwork, they also have engaged the community with a Film Series, live outdoor music, and a Kids program called "Dillydally with Dali"!  I wouldn't be surprised if a few adults show up to dillydally along with the kids!

I'm seeing more activity in the Real Estate Market than there has been for some time.  It is time for those who have been staying back and watching the market to come forth and take advantage of some of the amazing prices that are out there today.  In my opinion we have hit bottom, which means that there won't be prices like this again for, well, probably NEVER!


Sportswise, we are all sad to see the Bulls get eliminated from the playoffs, and of course the Blackhawks were gone a few weeks ago as well.  But at least they outlasted the CUBS, who unfortunately seem to have gone downhill again, almost like they have given up on the season even before the NBA playoffs are over!  The White Sox may pull off a mid-year rally like last year, so we'll keep our fingers crossed for them.


Oh well, there's always the Bears - oh, wait, not so fast - there might be Bears football this year if the owners and the players finally get together and figure things out.  If the NFL doesn't get it together, we'll be facing one looooonggg Fall and Winter.




Looking forward to seeing you all out there walking, jogging, bicycling, and blading along the Lake!!


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