Loyalty, Royalty, and Chicago's Own Gala Events


Loyalty manifests itself in many ways.  One kind is Loyalty to a good cause, being steadfast in supporting it and honoring those who might have triggered you to become involved.


I am proud of several friends who were moved to become involved and stay loyal to two different causes.  I admire the important roles they are playing in two major events, namely the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's PurpleStride Chicago 2011, which was today, and the Walk Now for Autism Speaks 2011, which will be May 21 at 10:30AM.  They are raising vitally needed funds for these important causes!


There is also Loyalty to friends, and one person I have always admired through thick and thin is Maria Pinto, who is re-emerging in a tremendous way as the Creative Director for Women's clothing at Mark Shale.  I still love the look of my Maria Pinto leather jacket and now she is applying her formidable design skills to selecting great clothing to add to the Mark Shale lines.  You go Maria!


We have had real Royalty take over the airwaves lately with the wedding in England, and it made me think about who qualifies as Royalty in our very democratic Midwestern town.  After reading about Maggie Daley, her support of worthy children's causes, and the example of courage she shows every day in overcoming the challenges of cancer, I have decided that she is worthy of the respect that people might show a queen.  Everyone in Chicago can look up to her and learn from her, as she leads on by example in the final days of Mayor Daley's term.


The season of Gala events is finally here!  Just last night we had the amazing Joffrey Ballet Spring Gala, and it was smashing!  Also this weekend is the best Triple Threat to hit Chicago since, well, a year ago!  I'm talking about Artopolis at the Merchandise Mart.  Where else will you be able to see an International Art show with hundreds of galleries, a Modern Art show, and an Antiques Fair, all in the same building.


Another must see for everyone is an absorbing, beautifully acted play at the Victory Gardens theater building on Lincoln Avenue.  The play is called "Rantoul and Die", by the American Blues Theater group.  The cast is world class, with two long time American Blues members and two actors from the Steppenwolf ensemble.  It has some disturbing and raw emotional moments, but overall you will be seeing four great actors at their best!

Go White Sox! - But by the way what's going on with you guys??

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