Cherishing Chicago Icons and Strong Women

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Chicago is lucky to have "living legends" walking among us, people we are lucky to be able to see, talk to, and honor right now.  I was struck by how fortunate we are when I recently attended an event at the beautiful Piccolo Sogno Restaurant honoring Victor Skrebneski, our very own yet also world-renowned photographer.  Seeing him in person, knowing that his name will someday live through the centuries, was a special treat!


I had a great time talking with Samuel Sax, past Chairman of Exchange National Bank.  A key topic in our conversation was whether women support and raise up other successful women.  He was wondering why an intrepid, pioneering woman like the Astronaut Eileen Collins was never on the cover of a magazine like Vanity Fair.  I honestly said I did not know who she was but that I would find out and put her in my Blog!

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So here it is!  What an amazing Woman!  She was an Air Force Colonel and test pilot, then became the first female Commander of a space shuttle mission.  She was the pilot for two missions and the Commander for two others.  What bravery, in that she was the Commander in 2005 for the first mission back in space following the 2003 Columbia space shuttle disaster.  She deserved magazine covers and much more, and I am happy to have learned more about her.



Real Estate is a competitive business, and because of that nature we probably don't 'drop our guard' often enough to praise our fellow brokers, given that the next day we could both be going for the same listing!  Still, at our awards dinners or when we talk with each other about the market I assure you there is always a high level of respect in the room.  I especially admire the two strong women who mentored me as I came along in my career and wanted to mention them here:  Elaine Waxman and Anetta Gray.  There you go!

As for the current Chicago Real Estate Market, the market-wide numbers have not improved much but my phone is starting to ring again and I continue to have faith that a comeback is growing! 


The Luxury Rental market is strong.  People are taking leases on gorgeous units in high end buildings like the Palmolive, 55 East Erie, Trump Tower, and the Elysian.  They seem to want the desirable environment without making the commitment to buy a high rise luxury home.  I personally think that Sellers are being more realistic and bringing their asking prices in line with the market, resulting in some tremendous buying opportunities.  I hope I'm right, but only time will tell!




Don't forget the wonderful Joffrey Ballet Spring Gala, coming up on April 29.  It


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Finally, I was gratified to receive compliments from four different people in the past week about this Blog.  It means a lot to me, so only half-jokingly let me say that if you Like it, press the Like button at the top!, or feel free to leave a comment.  Thanks Sugar!!!

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