Mayor Daley and Arianna Huffington in the Same Week!

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On Tuesday February 15 I was invited to the Economic Club of Chicago to hear an address by Mayor Daley.  The ECC is a great Chicago institution, and the current President of the ECC is a wonderful woman named Grace Barry.  It was good to see Mayor Daley so relaxed and upbeat.  He presented a film and emphasized how Chicago is thriving and will continue to thrive.



He mentioned if he had not been Mayor he might have wanted to run a manufacturing company.  He also mentioned that while he would be available for advice if the new Mayor asks him, but he won't be hanging on to power behind the scenes.  As he put it - "There will only be one Mayor."  I can't imagine how it will be when he is gone.


Then on Thursday I was one of the lucky hundred people or so to attend the luncheon for Arianna Huffington, co-hosted by Sugar Rautbord and Oak Family Advisors.  It said a lot about her that she would stand by her commitment to come to Chicago so soon after the February 7 announcement that AOL was acquiring the Huffington Post for $315 million.


Although she didn't mention ChicagoNow by name, she did say she was very passionate about the value of blogs, especially local bloggers who do such a good job of giving insight into their community.






Well, today is Mayoral Election Day, so please take the time to get out there and VOTE!

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