Hearts A Bluhm and Chicago Landmarks


With Valentine's Day coming up I am hoping that many people will notice the beautifully decorated hearts that are going up around town!  There will be 100 heart sculptures, each one at five feet tall, going up all around the city.  They are coming to us in honor of "Hearts a Bluhm", an awareness campaign put on by Northwestern Hospital's Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute.




I was working in the Old Town neighborhood recently and it struck me how special the area is and how the Landmark designation has helped to make it that way.  Old Town was made a City of Chicago landmark area in 1977 and then became a nationally registered landmark area in 1984.







The key to Old Town's success is the many neighbors who actively support the community and help maintain its charm.  Among the many people who help are several friends of mine, including Candace Jordan, who puts in time for Old Town on top of her many other activities.  Other special people who work in the community include folks like Shirley Baugher, who puts on a very well received community play every year at the Old Town Triangle Association building.





city hall.jpg


Speaking of landmarks, let's move on to City Hall!  Of course there is a lot of attention being focused on the Mayoral race, whose winner will preside over the city from the Fifth Floor of City Hall.  But did you know that City Hall itself is a Landmark building, receiving that designation in 1982?  It was designed by the famous firm of Holabird and Roche, and was completed in 1911.





As a good friend of mine pointed out recently, no matter how important our Mayors may seem it is still a fact that they come and they go.  The terms of a Mayor are relatively short spans of time compared to the duration of the stately edifice of City Hall, which impassively looks on as the press and the Mayor and his retinue rush in and out as the years go by.



And for both now as well as for long into the future, the focal point of all that frenzied activity will be the Fifth Floor of City Hall.  The Mayor's office as well as the offices of four other powerful Chicagoans are all located on the Fifth Floor.  As the careers of our next Mayor and other future Mayors rise and fall, the Fifth Floor will never lose its importance as the real bastion of power in our beautiful Town.


Hope you all survived the Blizzard, and have a great February!

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