Gathering with Chicago's Top Realtors, Trump Open House!

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As a member of the Chicago Association of Realtors (CAR) I receive a weekly report that often has interesting facts.  Here are a few: 
• For every 1,000 homes sales there are 500 jobs added to the economy.
• Housing accounts for more than 15% of the Gross Domestic Product.
• Homeowners pay 80 to 90 percent of ALL federal income taxes(!)






I have joined the Government Affairs committee of the National Association of Realtors, and look forward to working on sharing information with our State Legislature in Springfield.  They may not go our way on every issue but I think it is important for our voices to be heard!  At our recent meeting we all felt that there was a nice group of qualified candidates for Mayor!

CAR also organized a nice event yesterday evening - it was a reception at a restaurant in Greektown which was open to any Broker who started in the business in 1996.  That made it a group 15th anniversary party!  It was great to tell old stories and reminisce, and we pledged to respect each other's client relationships that have taken so long to build.


Also last night was a special reception at Trump Tower.  They were generating interest in some of the remaining units by having a reception in a newly decorated model unit.  It was beautiful, and there are some good deals yet to be had at Trump Tower!

I sold several of the larger units when the Tower first went up for sale, and some of the original owners were able to sell at a profit, since this was long before the recent challenging market came into play.  Some owners chose to stay on, and I have helped several of them find renters so they can generate some income as the market gets back to equilibrium.



Speaking of the market rebounding, I am seeing very positive signs.  As I mentioned, the downtown market appears to be getting stronger, and I am getting a lot of interest in a condo unit at 208 W. Washington.  Also, I was able to sell a West Loop condo at 850 W. Adams in less than 6 months, and recently sold a very nice unit in the Elysian in less than 3 months.  This indicates that there are more people out there looking and that the ability to get a loan and close on a property is improving.

Well, keep your heads up everyone - they are saying the snow will start melting next week, and the Days are finally getting Longer! 

Don't forget to Vote!








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