Groupon Dream Homes and Other Real Estate News!


My recent interview with a prominent Chicago-based magazine will not be published because the premise was that if the Chicago company named Groupon was sold it would create a large number of newly minted multimillionaires, and the reporter was asking me to speculate on which buildings they would go to, to buy their new Dream Houses!  The Groupon deal fell through but it did bring up the topic of the best Condo/Hotel properties in Chicago.  They are, in no particular order, the Ritz Carlton, the Park Hyatt, the Trump Tower, the Elysian, and the Four Seasons.

5 bldgs.png

Residents in these properties get to take full advantage of the Hotel amenities, namely, the Concierge, the Health Clubs and Spas, the Valet Parking, and of course there are beautiful restaurants and bars right at your fingertips!  Just take a look at these magnificent buildings!

(P.S. To the Groupon ownership team - even though you didn't sell your company you should still feel free to call me to start looking for your new Dream Homes!)


The Ipsos Mendelsohn Survey is a study of over 13,000 affluent people in America.  The survey pointed out some interesting trends.  One is that the affluent enjoy watching television as much as the rest of us, namely 17.6 hours per week.  Another trend is that consumption of print newspapers and magazines by the affluent declined by 16% in a single year from 2009 to 2010.  They are much more likely to own Apple I-Pads, and 98% of affluent people are connected online while only 70% of the "rest of us" are online!  Looks like my efforts to build up a good looking website were very worthwhile!


NAR, the National Association of Realtors, prepared a survey on how people begin the process of buying a house.  They found that the most frequent action that buyers take is to immediately go online and start looking at Properties!  The second most popular action to take is to contact a real estate agent, and the third most popular beginning step was to go online and read up on the Home Buying Process itself.  Over two thirds of the Buyers surveyed took one of these three steps as their first step in the process.

Focusing on one of my favorite places, the Elysian Hotel and Condominiums, I thought I would end today by showing two beautiful dishes from the award winning Balsan restaurant, where they are preparing special dishes that emphasize the green and red colors of this special Holiday Season!

red green.png


Happy Holidays Everyone!



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