Children's Hospital Notes and Holiday Events


The employees of Coldwell Banker had the wonderful new Apple Store on North Avenue and Clybourn to themselves for a holiday reception recently.  It was a great chance to see one of the most talked about store openings in town up close and personal.  The whole neighborhood will profit from having such a classy building in the area.


This weekend I am having dinner with one of the principal architects for the new Children's Memorial Hospital project.  And now the site of the current Children's Memorial Hospital is in the news - the deadline for developers to bid on and describe their ideas for the Children's Memorial parcel along Lincoln Avenue was Thursday.  All of the bidders are great reputable companies, but I can't help but cheer for the bid submitted by my long time acquaintances Buzz Ruttenberg and John Buck.



Buzz has started up a website where people can comment on ideas for the old Children's Memorial site .  It will be interesting to see how the comments come in as the various bids for the parcel are evaluated.



The delightful Nutcracker Family Dinner took place on December 11, followed by a trolley ride for those who attended to a performance of the wonderful Nutcracker Ballet at the Auditorium Theater.  This event is a great fundraiser for the Joffrey and gives the children a chance to meet the dancers up close.  The Palmer House provided an ideal setting for this most special holiday event.


The Nutcracker Ballet goes on until December 26, so I encourage one and all to attend.  The dancing is exquisite, and the costumes and the beautiful setting of the Auditorium Theater will resonate in your memory for years to come!





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