Life, Theater, and Real Estate All Mixed Together!

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With Theater Season coming on strong I can't help but think about my friend Michael Morrison who passed away recently.  He was such a strong supporter of the Steppenwolf Theater.


He was chairman of the Real Estate division of Hopkins and Sutter and counted a close knit group of many of Chicago's top legal and real estate people among his many friends.

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Many of them came together at a tribute event for Michael recently where plans were made to gather contributions for the Jesuit Academy of Chicago, a wonderful institution that offers scholarships for a tremendous educational experience for children of modest economic means. 

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Another theater group, the Redmoon Theater, is performing an amazing show at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  I was going to post this on Friday to tell everyone about the show and lo and behold the Redmoon was featured on the front page of the Sun Times on Saturday morning!

Despite the challenging times in Real Estate I have been fortunate and I recently had the honor of being selected one of the Top 25 Luxury Brokers for both the City and North Shore areas.  I am so very grateful and looking forward to the awards ceremony on Thursday.

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I spoke with Lucien Lagrange recently and I just wanted to highlight his amazing accomplishments by showing some of the beautiful buildings he has designed over the years.  I couldn't be prouder of my friend Lucien and the remarkable stamp he has put on Chicago's beautiful skyline!

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