An Overbooked Day in the Life!

I woke up not feeling 100% at 5am, but sick days are simply not allowed in Real Estate.  Of course my day would include the usual:  walking the dog, responding to over 100 emails a day, returning phone calls, squeezing in a workout, and coordinating with my housekeeper who comes in once a week.


But the other events on today's schedule were stacked up like jets circling O'Hare in a blizzard!  Started out with a special event at the Merchandise mart's LuxeHome showrooms where I was honored as one of the Top 25 Luxury Realtors in Chicagoland.  Among the attendees were Developers, Designers, Luxury Home Suppliers, JP Morgan Executives, the Harrison Group, and two acclaimed Green Architects.  Oh, and Chris Kennedy watching over everything!

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But the day was just starting - I had to head to Lunch as a guest of the wonderful people at Van Cleef and Arpels, namely Sheryl Dwyer and Tom Wood.  The luncheon, to benefit the Parkways Foundation, was held at a sumptuously outfitted tent, set up right next to Buckingham Fountain.  Besides Tom and Sheryl my table was graced with the presence of Mira Horowszowski, owner of Mira Couture Chicago, and her daughter Yvette, and all around us the Who's Who of Chicago were in attendance to give Parkways some well-deserved support.

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Next I had some business - hopped in a cab and headed to two different showings, one at 209 East Lake Shore Drive, the masterful Co-Op building designed by the renowned Benjamin Marshall.  Also had to work on procuring a Rental unit for a client and arrange for an Appraisal of a recent sale.  I do all my showings in person, no underlings for me - my clients hired ME, not someone from my "team".

Then back to the Merchandise Mart to take part in a roundtable group discussion focused on the Luxury High End housing market, what we are seeing out on the street, and how we could improve the delivery of our real estate services to the high end marketplace we all serve.

The Marchandise Mart event continued into the evening with a wonderful catered dinner and rockin' band playing for a crowd of 800.  The networking in the room was hot and heavy, with business cards flying around like trading slips being thrown around the old pits at the Board of Trade.

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As I was finally reaching home I received a tempting call to come over to a boat party in Burnham Harbor, where a group of clients was being entertained by Sandra Goeken and her team and enjoying a presentation of the high tech Borealis LED Lighting offered by her firm.  Even though my place is a short walk from the Dock I just couldn't take another event.



There were two notable scheduling 'casualties' for the day.  The first was missing out on the event honoring the Top Ten Contributors to Chicago's Philanthropic Community, sponsored by the folks at my friend John Carroll's CS Magazine.  Candace Jordan received well deserved praise for all of her great contributions.  Congratulations again, Candace!

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The second missed event also merits special mention - the Chicago Association of  REALTORS Inaugural Gala, which I had attended something like 15 years in a row, where Buzz Ruttenberg was honored.  Buzz was a good friend and business colleague with my dear friend Michael Morrison who passed away recently.  I also worked with Buzz's son Geoff, helping him get his CA23 development off and running, so I regretted not being able to be in two places at once!

Back at home, instead of falling dead asleep like I should have done, I wearily stepped into my office, and once I saw screen after screen of unopened emails staring at me there was nothing I could do but sit down and respond to emails for another two hours before finally surrendering to my fluffy pillow!

No matter what level of honors and achievement we attain, I'm afraid we are still subservient to a screen of unopened emails, which compel us to respond like a command from the Queen herself!


A day like this day makes me think of Mayor Daley - regardless of one's opinion it cannot be denied that he probably has one of the busiest schedules in town.  Even with a driver you have to wonder how he does it!  Kudos to you Mayor Daley, we'll miss you so much!


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