Real Estate Brokers are Like Cinderella!

Us real estate brokers are a unique breed.  If you think about it,


we're Cinderellas in a  way, trying our best to keep up the front so no one will know the drudgery we went through to get there!


Sure, we have our dressiest threads on, looking like Cinderella ready for the ball in our magazine ads, trying our best to do justice to the pictures of the beautiful, exquisite homes that make up the rest of the ad. 


But just like with Cinderella, the clock strikes twelve and before you know it the BMW has two tickets on it for being in the condo building's unloading zone, and we're back on our hands and knees, scrubbing the wine that spilled at the latest open house, hoping and praying the clients won't come back while we're putting it all back together!


This isn't about my wonderful clients, they don't force me to do the things I do!  It's about ME, looking back over 15 years, laughing at myself with a sometimes-painful, wincing recognition that I chose this profession and everything that comes along with it of my own free will. 


If the clients ever saw what we go through to keep up the façade they would probably tell us to cut it out(!), but the key is to never let them know what went on behind the scenes.


fairy godmother.gif

Come to think of it, maybe we're actually the Fairy Godmothers, flitting about, making all of the arrangements, meetings, photography sessions, and showings come about as if by magic!


We just don't think like normal people think!


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