A Real Estate "Tale from the Front Lines"

I was once in the hospital having a procedure.  The problem, for me, is that it wasn't the type of procedure where they knock you out.  Sure enough, after they wheeled me into the recovery room, my cell phone rang. 


The nurse looked over at my cell phone buzzing on the side table and looked back at me and said "Do you want to pick it up?"  


"Sure," I instinctively said, without thinking about the fact that I was supposed to be peacefully resting and recovering.  Why not, I thought.  I was awake, and my face was free and clear to speak into the phone! 


I proceeded to 'entertain' the medical team as I spoke with the broker who had called me.  As the call went on, it turned out our deal was on the brink and there was no way I felt like I could hang up.  Another ten or fifteen minutes went by.


Finally, the other broker heard the clatter and talking of the medical team going on around me and said "Where are you, anyway?"


"Oh, I'm in the recovery room at Northwestern," I said. 


I then had one of those odd, embarrassing feelings of realization as I heard myself say the words out loud - my profession had me doing something really stupid that was obvious to everyone but me!


The other broker said "Get off the phone right now.  This is important but I think I can wait long enough for you to RECOVER!"


Thankfully, we were able to finish up later that evening and save the deal from falling apart.  Just another day in the life!


I'll write again soon, with another of these "Tales from the Front", about the time I saved someone's life while I was in the middle of an Open House!


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