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When are you too old to wear your cap backward?

When are you too old to wear your cap backward?
Full disclosure: I never wore my baseball caps backward.  In fact, after about age eleven, I never wore a baseball cap.  Or any other hat for that matter, except in the worst of winter days when shoveling snow. The other day I was out and about and I noticed a gray haired guy with his... Read more »

Lingering Fears -- From Childhood to Adult

Lingering Fears -- From Childhood to Adult
What scares you? Does being alone scare you?  Totally alone, friendless, no family — nobody to remember you, even while you are still living?  Your monument to life a small white stone in a Potters Field? How about no money?  Having nothing and living at the mercy of the elements? Or, strangers who remind you... Read more »

Can You Live with an Atheist?

She believes; he does not. She attends religious services; he does not. She is afraid to bring up the topic, because he literally gets in her face and screams like, well, the devil incarnate. She is driven to tears because she cannot come home to him anymore. She is quiet and does not try to... Read more »

Do You Like Your Chicago Hot or Cold?

Do You Like Your Chicago Hot or Cold?
It has been one hot summer in Chicago. Some claim climate change is making the asphalt melt, because, sadly, even the weather is political; and others who have seen Chicago run hot and cold, say it is just that — a hot summer. Sometimes a hot summer is followed by a horrifically cold and snowy... Read more »
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