President Obama is sorry I lost my doctor & insurance, so what is he going to about it?

President Obama apologized to me.

He said that he was sorry that I am losing my health care coverage.  He was sorry about 15 million people like me who pay individual health coverage will be losing their coverage.

He said over and over that I wouldn't.  He promised in front of the cameras every chance he got, that if I liked my plan I could keep my plan, period.  But he kind of left off the part that anybody who makes any little change in their policies will have those policies classified as new plans; this by ACA rules, not insurance company directive.

I made the mistake of increasing my deductible late last year.  I was told by BCBS-IL that this would be considered a new plan, but because I  had not read the 2600 pages of the ACA, and the 40,000 pages of regulations that have grown like a cancer alongside it, I did not realize that my five minutes of adjustment would cost me approximate $350 more per month if I wanted to have a similar policy offered on the government exchange.

President Obama lied to me to my face, and Blue Cross lied by omission.  This provision in the law has been known by both since 2010, shortly after the Affordable Health Care Act was passed.

I have listened to the missives tossed back and forth by supporters and detractors of the ACA, or ObamaCare.  I lost my coverage, it was told me by Obama and supporters, because my plan was a "junk" plan. I won't bore you with the details of my insurance here, but it was most certainly not a "junk" plan, or "subpar".  And even if it were, it is my choice to cover what I believe necessary -- I thought.   Now I have no choices.  I do not qualify for subsidies under the ACA and I am left with the having to purchase what I can afford, the Bronze Plan, which is a junk plan, where I cannot keep my doctor and have double the deductible and co-pay and have lost my prescription coverage and dental coverage.  This Bronze bomb is  about $100 more per month for much less, or I can up my metal choices and up my monthly premium to double plus what it is was to get to about the same plan I will be losing.

The good thing is, I will be covered if I get pregnant.

Mr. President, you are sorry about what you have done to me -- and to millions others. What are you going to do about it.  Your website does not work, your Navigators have to put information into that same website, and if the website is such a disaster at a mere $600 million dollars, what can I expect from the rest of the ACA?  You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

By the way, Mr. President,  who wrote this law?  Who were the wonks that sat down and created this creature. I'd like to know.  Are they proud of their work?   Are you?  Can we see their faces?

I sound extreme, and that is because of two things, mainly.  The first is that you delayed the employer mandate, so the 93 million or so people who get coverage through their employers will not be getting the cancellation letter I got for another six or seven months, so right now you are dealing with smaller numbers,  a mere "5 percent" of the population who buy their own insurance, but when these employer-covered people find out that their policies will be "illegal" and cancelled or greatly changed, you will have many more mea culpas to make.  The second reason is that you, with no authority, as it is Congress that makes and amends laws, have allowed about 2500 exemptions to the ACA, including big business, unions and big donors to your campaign and political objectives, so they are quiet, but I have a feeling someday you will be saying your sorry to them, too.

Mr. President, have you enrolled yet?  Do you and your family plan to enroll?  Let me know how it goes on the website.  Lead from in front instead of behind.

Now, what are you going to do about my cancelled policy?

We've heard you promise one thing, then apologize for saying it, but those are just words.

Make good on your apology, because right now I do not accept your apology.

Actions speak louder than words.

I am waiting.


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