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5 Things You Will Need for Creche Hunting Season

5 Things You Will Need for Creche Hunting Season
You can see them if you pay close attention.  They are the Creche Hunters. They are among us, standing next to us in line at the store, sitting in the Chevy Volt next to you at the traffic light and maybe even next to you at your favorite watering hole; you cannot see them immediately,... Read more »

50 years ago today CS Lewis died...

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Who, some may ask, is CS Lewis? Though gone now fifty years, the argument can be made that CS Lewis, an agnostic turned Christian apologist, has had more influence on the world than any US President. His seminal work, “Mere Christianity”, continues to sell in the millions, decades after its publication. Also, “The Chronicles of Narnia”,... Read more »

Can I keep my doctor and insurance, and for how long?

As one of the “5 percenters” — that is, one of the 15 million people who pay for their own healthcare coverage and who are expected to lose their health care coverage and most likely their doctor, I paid close attention to President Obama yesterday as he did the following: On Thursday, Obama announced that... Read more »

St. Christopher tries for a career comeback....

St. Christopher tries for a career comeback....
St. Christopher used to be everywhere, but now not so much. From Saints off Record…   Saint Sam Striver was at his desk as usual at 6:30am, sharp. On most days Saint Christopher passed by on one or more means of transportation — sometimes a cloud, sometimes his red Ferrari, sometimes even his skateboard. Today... Read more »

President Obama is sorry I lost my doctor & insurance, so what is he going to about it?

President Obama apologized to me. He said that he was sorry that I am losing my health care coverage.  He was sorry about 15 million people like me who pay individual health coverage will be losing their coverage. He said over and over that I wouldn’t.  He promised in front of the cameras every chance he... Read more »
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