Air Force One Reserved for Sandy Hook Families Only

Air Force One Reserved for Sandy Hook Families Only
For Sandy Hook families only

President Obama will be flying relatives of the  Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Air Force One, all in an effort to lobby various senators to pass gun control legislation, according to Time Magazine and other reports.

One can argue whether any of the legislation being slated would have done anything to prevent that shootings or shootings in the future.  That's another debate.

President Obama likes to refer to Chicago has his adopted home town.  It is certainly where he cut his political teeth, and now he is using his learned skills to the best of his ability, but there is one question: where are the seats on Air Force One for  loved ones of those murdered each week in Chicago?

Why is Sandy Hook so special?

Is it because the Sandy Hook shooting is a crisis that is too important to waste?  After all, young kids are shot through their bedroom walls or on their porches  on the south and west sides of Chicago on an ongoing basis.  Why are there no seats for their grief stricken loved ones?

Is it because President Obama knows that he has this group of voters in his pocket for his hand picked and backed candidates in the upcoming 2014 election, no matter how many innocents with brown eyes die?

Why are the seats on Air Force One reserved for only for tears coming out of blue eyes?

Why won't the president even make a token speech in Chicago about the violence, why not even one lousy auditorium reserved with seats filled with the families of victims?  Why only jetting in for fund raisers?

The next time President Obama flies in to Chicago and the shadow of Air Force One crosses the cityscape, look up and ask you parents who have buried your children: ask why is there no seat for me on Air Force One.  I supported you, Barack Obama.   I voted for you Barack Obama.

This is hope?

This is change?

This is flying to nowhere for political gain, high above the troubled city that made Barack Obama president.

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